Paulie Calafiore is not a good sport. 

That much has been revealed over the last few days on the Big Brother live feeds. 

If you recall, Paulie has ruled the house for most of the latest season of Big Brother. Every single week, he’s had a say in how the nominations would go. 

Since Victor put him on the block, he’s been a mess. Now that he’s had a taste of his own medicine, he’s trying his best to manipulate the house into saving him. 

With Paulie in the mix, there’s no telling what he would do now if he got some power, so it really is time to take him out of the equation. 

The houseguests decided to call him out on all of the drama as a tactic so that he wouldn’t perform well in the veto competition. 

It worked.

Victor emerged victorious at the veto, even giving up a luxury holiday and $5000 to secure the power. 

Paulie was given a punishment to make pies on demand, but he made it clear to his fellow houseguests he felt defeated. 

He claimed that he would be leaving the show if there is no way for him to get back in the game. 

When questioned about it, he said that the jury house would be too claustrophobic for him, but James noted that the jury house is bigger than the Big Brother house. 

It’s clear that Paulie is a sore loser and doesn’t want to admit defeat. Considering the way he’s been acting, he deserves everything that’s coming to him. 

He’s not the master manipulator he thought he was. Barring a miracle, he’s going home on Thursday. 

There is the possibility that Paulie has the round trip ticket, but we won’t know for sure until he gets the boot. 

With there being a special episode airing on Friday, there’s a good chance that someone from the jury house will be making their way back into the game. 

Might this force Paulie to fight for his place in the game, or will Da’vonne, Zakiyah or Bridgette beat him to the punch?

Either way, it’s going to be an exciting few days in the Big Brother house!

What do you think of the latest drama?

Would Paulie really quit?

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