Kylie Jenner has quite an extensive makeup routine.

For real. Check it out for yourself below:

Very occasionally, however, Kylie Jenner saves herself approximately seven hours in the morning and decides to eschew this process.

Indeed, Kylie goes makeup-free.

And that’s exactly what the 19-year old Keeping Up with the Kardashians actress did on Instagram twice this week, first snapping a selfie while lying down on a sofa.

For someone who has taken pictures of herself from nearly every angle, while wearing nearly no clothing, this was a side of Kylie we rarely see.

And we like it a lot!

It’s refreshing to see stars without makeup on, isn’t it?

It makes them seem far more like regular human beings.

Jenner then went ahead and shared another close-up of her face without any blush or eye liner or anything clouding our vision.

It appears as if Jenner is on an airplane here, doesn’t it?

We sure hope the plane was still on the ground because we all know one’s phone should be turned off during flight!

Kylie did not include a caption with either of these images.

And, lest you think this is some new and improved Kylie Jenner… lest you are under the impression that we won’t be seeing any more social media images of her boobs or her butt going forward… well…

… Kylie proved you wrong with a handful of other photos this week on her Instagram account. 

To wit:

These are the kinds of Kylie Jenner photos we’re used to seeing, aren’t they?

And we get it, obviously.

Jenner has over 71 million Instagram followers. They help with her brand. They help make her money when she shills for products on her page.

So of course we understand why she often dresses so scantily and is so madeup.

But still. It’s a nice change to see these pictures, isn’t it?

Over the past couple years, Khloe, Kim and other members of this famous family have also gone the all-natural route, proving to be more “real” in these instances than they ever are on E! on Sunday nights.

See for yourself here:

Look. Don’t get us wrong:

We love to see Kim Kardashian nude.

But we also love to see Kim Kardashian’s face nude. And the same can be said for Kylie Jenner.

If these people want to relate to their fans, they’ll go this route far more often, as opposed to sharing photos of their mansions, cars or expensive watches online.