Simone Biles has done it, folks.

Won five Olympic gymnastic medals in Rio over the past week, including four Gold Medals?

Well, yes. But that’s not what we’re referring to here.

We’re talking about something far more exciting and important:

Simone Biles has met Zac Efron! In person! Finally!

As detailed in the following photo gallery, Biles has been crushing on the actor for months, with Efron returning the favor over social media.

Our new favorite celebrity best friends made us swoon before they even spent a second with each other in real life:

But then the 19-year old gymnast (who has a life-size cutout of Efron in her bedroom) got to actually hang out with Efron on the set of The Today Show.

As you can see in the video posted above, she also got a kiss on the cheek from the six-packed hunk.

“he kissed me on the cheek just letting y’all know @ZacEfron,” Biles wrote as a caption to one of many pictures she shared of the two on Instagram.

Efron himself was on the receiving end of a peck as well at one point:

“I’m on cloud 9,” Biles wrote about another of these adorable images.

Heck, so are we. And we’re just looking at the pictures!

Today host Hoda Kotb has said she was behind the plot to help Biles meet her long-time crush, with the full meeting set to air on the Wednesday morning broadcast of the show.

But why wait until then?!?

If a picture says one thousand words, this article right here has thousands upon thousands of words to say about Biles and Efron.

Words such as: hilarious! Precious! Sweet!

Biles first admitted to her crush on Efron in March during an appearance with Ellen DeGeneres.

When the host brought up her affection for the former High School Musical star, Simone’s fit of giggles and rosy cheeks could be seen all the way from Brazil.

It was so gosh darn cute.

“He’s gorgeous, is that why you like him?” Ellen DeGeneres asked.

To which Biles replied: “YES!”

Later on, Efron congratulated Biles for her incredible performance during the qualifying rounds on Twitter.

“So phenomenal a skill’s named after her. Congrats on sticking the Biles and qualifying for the finals @Simone_Biles!” the 28-year-old wrote.

Their exchanges continued from there, but only over the Internet.

Until yesterday, that is.

Of all of Biles’ truly mesmerizing performances at the Olympics, her ability to remain calm, cool and mostly collected in the face of meeting Efron may have been her most impressive.

We’re so in love with these two.