Fans were able to watch Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton fall in love on The Voice, and the show’s ratings proved that the couple could stand on their own.

“There are a bunch of ideas in the works to give the two of them a variety-type show,” an NBC source told OK! Magazine.

“There’s no doubt about their chemistry, and they’re also very in sync when it comes to finding talent.”

Stefani and Shelton, who confirmed their romance last November, “really love being on TV together.”

And though nothing is definite, “this won’t be the last we see of Gwen and Blake on the small screen.”

Earlier this month, OK! claimed that executives wanted Shelton to propose to Stefani on The Voice.

“’Executives are really pushing for an on-air engagement” a source said at the time.

“They told them both last season that there would be a huge bonus for them if they agreed to get engaged on the show and, of course, the offer still stands.”

Stefani herself has even called out the network for playing up her relationship with the country singer.

“We were laughing our heads off when we saw the blind auditions. I love NBC, but they for sure edited stuff to look like we were flirting,” Stefani told Cosmopolitan.

“They chose to run with that story before anything was even real. I hardly knew him. But it was like it was in the air — happening before it happened.”

Both parties had just endured painful splits from their spouses.

“We were both having trust issues, as you would if you were us,” she explained.

“It was like, ‘I have so many problems. How can I now be getting into another potentially huge problem? What am I doing?'”

Stefani will not be part of the upcoming season of The Voice, which premieres September 19th, but don’t be surprised to see her make a guest appearance.