Big Brother is finally down to seven contestants and that makes the game that bit more tricky. 

It’s at the stage now that alliances are lasting a few hours because there’s so few in the house. The target is constantly changing. 

We started off with a flashback that revealed Paulie and Paul told Nicole they would need to target James for eviction after Victor. 

Nicole knew this wouldn’t sit well with Natalie, so she went forward and told her before the eviction episode went live. 

Natalie was furious and it forced her to realize that no one really had her back in the house. Natalie then revealed to viewers that she’s targeting Paul because he’s targeting James. 

The HOH competition was pretty spectacular. The houseguests were locked inside a black box in darkness, collecting rings through goo. 

Michelle had an advantage from the carnival, but she was still the first person eliminated from the competition. 

Victor was shocked because he was relying on Michelle to help him keep the target on Nicole and Corey. 

Say what you want about Nicole and Corey, but they’ve managed to make it far without actually doing very much. 

Would the jury really look at floating on through as gameplay? It would be intriguing to find out. 

Either way, the HOH competition proved that everyone was lying to each other. Having them show their rings at the end of the competition backed that up. 

Natalie emerged as the HOH champion.

Michelle seemed ecstatic because Natalie would target Nicole and Corey, but Natalie quickly shot it down. 

Michelle then won the care package and she and Natalie conspired to nominate Paul and Victor. 

Paul and Victor kept trying to ensure that Natalie and Michelle were sticking with the plan to take out Nicorey. 

At the nomination ceremony, Paul and Victor were nominated. 

It was made clear that Paul was the target and Victor took a little solace in that. 

Paul then made it clear he had been stabbed in the back and was not impressed. 

Who do you want to win the veto?

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