The Seattle Mariners defeated the Texas Rangers by a score of 8-3 on Wednesday night.

But whatever. Who cares?

We’re not here to update readers on the race for the American League Wild Card.

But we are here to talk about the cutest little girl on the entire Internet.

For today, at least, anyway.

She goes by the moniker Cotton Candy Girl and it’s pretty obvious why:

After cameras at the game panned the crowd last night, they stopped and settled on this adorable infant, who had just eaten some cotton candy and who was pretty fired up about it.

See for yourself:

The girl has not yet been publicly identified, but proud father Jake Hart shared the above footage on Twitter.

A family friend at the game, John McCallum, then posted the image posted at the very top of this article.

After the game, meanwhile, the team asked fans to name the “Player of the Game,” but cautioned that Cotton Candy Girl was not eligible for this distinction.

girl with candy

This declaration did not sit well with Seattle Mariners fans on Twitter.

First, there was defiance:

cotton candy tweet1

Then, there was the threat of a revolt:

cotton candy tweet2

Then, there was an attempt to compromise:

cotton candy tweet3

Eventually, the team sort of game in, sharing a Photoshopped image of Cotton Candy Girl wearing the “Swelmet,” which is helmet worn by the player of the game after each victory.


The actual player of the game was Adam Lind, who hit a pair of home runs.

But whatever. He isn’t this cute.