Leave it to Kanye West to upstage the Emmy Awards.

Yes, Tatiana Maslany finally won a much-deserved trophy last night for her portrayal of multiple characters on Orphan Black.

And Jimmy Kimmel was hilarious, while Sarah Paulson brought Marcia Clark as her date on television’s biggest night.

But whatever. Who cares? Kanye managed to make the weekend all about himself…


The rapper, whose wife Kim Kardashian rarely goes one day without posting multiple scantily-clad images of herself, created the social media account on Sunday and then sat back as over 844,000 people followed him in a matter of hours.

And what sort of material did Kanye give them for doing so?

Perhaps his own naked mirror selfie or two?

HA! Yeah, right.

Instead, West does what he does best; he kept things weird and mysterious, sharing a picture for his first-ever Instagram post that he probably thought was especially profound and genius.

It was a scene from the 1990 movie Total Recall:

The storyline of the science fiction action movie centers on a construction worker (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) who keeps having disturbing dreams about Mars and a mysterious woman there.

Does this mean Kanye wants to cheat on Kardashian with an alien?

No, probably not.

While West is a newcomer to Instagram, he has often made headlines with his Twitter account, where he shares some seriously epic rants, along with the occasional apology.

Following the fashion show for his Yeezy Season 4 clothing line earlier this month, for example, West addressed his critics via that social media medium.

“It’s our life’s mission to create the most transformative experiences,” he wrote. “Each and every one’s time, insight and feelings are invaluable to us. We want to make people feel great.

“Thank you for embarking on this creative journey. With love and respect, Kanye West.”

Then, on Wednesday, September 14, the hilarious artist tweeted: “I got rid of my phone so I can have air to create.”

That could make it more challenging for him to post on Instagram, huh?

Kanye also went off on Kid Cudi during a recent concert, blasting his former protege for accusing West and Drake of basically being fake rappers.

He said others write their lyrics and are responsible for their singles and there’s pretty much nothing worse you can say to or about an artist than that.

Did Kanye slam Cudi through his new Instagram page?

Nope. That’s not how West rolls. He did it himself on stage, as seen below: 

We really hope Kanye’s Instagram account does not mean we’re treated to fewer moments such as this.

Far too many celebrities out there throw subtle shade at their rivals with passive aggressive social media taunts or pics.

Not Kanye. If he has something to say, the guy is going to come out and absolutely say it.

You’ve gotta admire that about Kanye West.