Earlier this month, the world celebrated Mean Girls Day, that holiest of holidays in which loved ones gather at their desks to tell one another the date.

(It’s October 3.)

Of course, Lindsay Lohan lives on Lindsay Lohan time, so she’s celebrating Mean Girls Day a week and a half late with a throwback that brings to mind that girl in your Facebook feed who peaked in high school.

That’s back-in-the-day Lindsay along with Gretchen Wieners and Regina George.

Okay, considering the film came out 12 years ago, and they’re both grown-ass women in their thirties, Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert would probably prefer to be referred to by their proper names, but we just have time letting go of Tina Fey’s cult classic.

And it seems we’re not the only ones…

Lindsay posted the pic above today, along with a caption reading:

“#tbt … miss you all… sequel?”

Yes, if you frequently read Lindsay’s interviews, and your family hasn’t yet intervened with a Kindle and a library card, then you know the actress is still hyped on the idea of a Mean Girls sequel.

Back in 2014, Linds revealed that MG2 is part of her “five year plan.” (which also includes an Oscar! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!)

She even has an (extremely rough) plot outline:

“Like an older version where they’re all housewives and they’re all cheating,” she once told an interviewer.

A year later, she posted a photo from the set of the original film with a caption reading:

“Next step: #MEANMOMS (I’m trying to make it happen!)”

Yes, LiLo is basically Gretchen Wieners when it comes to making this happen.

But unlike “fetch,” the idea of Mean Girls 2 has a chance of catching on.

Nostalgia is all the rage these days, and if crap like Full House that no one remembers fondly can score a sequel series, why not see if fans are interested in what the Plastics are up to these days?

But hopefully whoever gets the ball rolling to get this thing off the gound will completely ignore Lindsay’s suggestions about the plot/

Cady “Africa” Heron was a smart, ambitious, and most importantly, kind young woman, and the seeing her as a bored, adulterous, pill-popping housewife would be far too depressing.

Lindsay may have been the one to bring Cady to life…

But that doesn’t mean Cady needs to go off the rails as hard as Lindsay did.