Ryan Reynolds reportedly abused his wife, Blake Lively, and if the allegations are true, it sounds like we might have another epic celebrity breakup in 2016 yet. 

GamenGuide reports that a source actually witnessed Reynolds abusing his wife, and that the violent argument was about their baby, who was just born on September 30th. 

A source told the website that the golden couple were reportedly in a shouting match over their new child.

Things purportedly went to such a level that Lively emerged with “bruises and scratches” from the scuffle. 

The couple, according to GamenGuide, didn’t respond to the fight report, but that didn’t prevent them from publishing some pretty damning rumors about Blake and Ryan’s fidelity to one another. 

The site reported that both parties are cheating on the other – Reynolds with Morena Baccarin, and Lively with former fling, Leonardo DiCaprio. 

We’re pretty sure we don’t believe that last part, because first, have you seen Blake Lively? Ol’ McTooth Reynolds would be a fool to go outside of his marriage for something on the side. 

Also, we’re pretty sure Leonardo DiCaprio goes into anaphylactic shock anytime he meets a woman over 23 who has children, so there’s that. 

For the most part, the duo keeps their private life private – so we would be exceedingly surprised if this turned out to be true. 

But then, you have Brangelina’s divorce, and all theories just go to pot. 

In fact, the two of them have pretty much been flawless for a long time, now. 

… Except for that one time when Blake praised rumored pedophile Woody Allen

That was pretty terrible, right? 

To refresh your memory, she said, “[Allen] creates a very pleasant set where everybody’s just happy to be there and happy to be making a movie, and happy to be a part of film history.”

Happy, happy, happiness all over the place, just like Michael Jackson’s Neverland.

“For him to have that confidence in you almost gives you the confidence in yourself to just go with the flow.” 

Right, Blake. 

On second though, perhaps you have really, really bad judgment and can’t read people well at all. 

Who even knows anything anymore? 

We sure don’t. 

We just hope that this seemingly-blissful relationship stays that way. 

It’s pretty touch-and-go from this point on in 2016 as to which celeb couples are going to make it, versus which will be dust in the wind.