Can you guess what Kim Kardashian dressed up as a few years ago? 


Kim Kardashian dressed up as desperation, ass-kissing, and awkwardness all in one costume. 

Kim’s Momager, Kris Jenner, shared the throwback pic on her Instagram page, and captioned it:

“That Halloween when @kimkardashian was #annawintour, #northwest was @andreltalley #andreleontalley, @joycebonelli was @therealgracecoddington, and #zeplin was @karllagerfeld #favorite #flashback #halloween #love.”  

Jenner needs to get the memo that yes, there is a thing known as too much hashtagging.  

The snap was a bit older – though North West wasn’t too young, so it mustn’t have been too far into the past – but as you know, Kim’s long had an obsession with Anna Wintour and Vogue at large. 


Oh, girl, we can’t. 

We can’t, ever. 

In recent Kim news, it was reported that Kardashian is leaving Los Angeles, which could be a song, so maybe Robin Thicke can come on in and pilfer the idea. 

Come, Thicke, come. 

A source revealed that Kim’s fed up with Hollywood, and is considering a big move to Orange County. 

Without her ring, of course, so that’ll at least lessen the packing load. 

The insider revealed, “

“She’s been complaining that L.A. is full of ‘crazies’ and the only way she’ll be able to keep her family safe is to leave the city and keep a low profile.”

“Her friends who live there boast about the safety and low crime rates, and the shopping is incredible.”

Yes, let’s buy more stuff so we can be robbed again. 

It’s like she’s trying to walk around with a big, old target on her back. 

Get some sense, girl. 

And while you’re at it, why not convince your family to get their heads out of Anna Wintour’s poor ass? 

All that cohabitating and kissing of her bottom’s got to chafe, you know? 

And between them and the perpetual stick that’s up there, it’s got to be a rough ride for poor Anna Wintour. 

Wonder who she’s gonna be for Halloween. 

Psych – Anna Wintour would never be anybody but Anna Wintour for anything, but especially something as déclassé as Halloween. 

Thought you knew, sheesh.