Tuesday on Lifetime’s Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 31, the elite team prepped for a commercial shoot and hoped to redeem themselves.

If only anything were that simple in the land of the ALDC. 

We picked up with the mothers meeting Abby and it was pretty clear there was no going back for any of them.

All of them were conflicted about Abby’s true intentions and whether they even wanted their kid still enrolled in the ALDC. 

The junior elite moms refused to get in any sort of argument with any of the other moms and let Abby proceed with the mini pyramid. 

Abby revealed that it was going to be a week inspired by Muhammad Ali and that Lilli and Peyton would be performing a duet. Additionally the group routine was named, “Cast in the First Stone.”

When Abby turned her attention to the juniors, Jill made it clear that she was not happy with the time that Abby spent with them. Abby was resilient and pressed on with her plans. 

She revealed it would be hip hop week and that the girls would be part of a commercial and that she had brought two people on board to help them. As you can probably expect, Jill continued to make her feelings known when she learned that it was not a group number. 

The biggest twist of all came when Abby lifted the lid on her plans to go to a spa day and leave the teens in charge. You would think Abby would want to be all over the training because the chance of the commercial. 

The show promoter dropped a bomb on the girls during rehearsals. 

“I don’t want you guys representing my brand and looking like you don’t care,” he revealed. He was not happy with the way the rehearsals were going and was probably fearing for his brand. 

Getting into business with Abby Lee Miller must not have made a big enough negative impact for him. 

Meanwhile, Abby worked with the minis on their routine and Yolanda revealed that she knew the group number was a dig at the moms. 

Okay then. 

Rehearsals for Muhammad Ali were going less than stellar and Ashlee decided to speak her mind about the mess she was witnessing in front of her. 

She says, “Once again this is not working. What kind of tribute dance is this? These girls can’t go out there in big boxing gloves and shorts and make it work.”

Jill and Holly decided that the best thing to do was to try change some things up on their own and went to some crazy lengths. 

They decided another dance studio would do the trick, and Eric was surprisingly okay with it. The only concern he had was that the ladies would need to confirm it with Abby. 

When they took this to Abby, she was less than impressed, but ultimately let them. 

“Go ahead and do whatever you want,” Abby snarled, before speaking to the camera about how she felt. 

“I have had it with these mothers. They want to replace Jayden and Serena with boys who don’t know the choreography. This is getting ridiculous.”

When the show manager reveals a rough cut of the commercial, everyone was impressed except from Abby.

“I would have used a piece of plexiglass and put one of the minis up there,” said Abby. 

Kira chimed in, sticking the knife in to Abby for all of the drama. 

“Thank you very much. Our girls confidence has been very low due to some things that have been going on this week and this really helps a lot.” She tells them “You all did a really great job.”

When all of that was done with, the moms waged war on Abby when they tried to tell Abby that the girls were not performing the Muhammad Ali tribute. 

Abby argued, but told them they could do whichever one they wanted. 

It’s Abby vs. the moms, but how will this all play out?

We’ll need to keep watching when the show returns in two weeks!

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