Like everything she does, Jenelle Evans’ third pregnancy has been rife with controversy.

There have been rumors of Jenelle smoking pot while pregnant and flying into violent rages with little regard for the health and safety of the baby she’s carrying.

That may be true, or it may be the result of rumors getting built around the kind of behavior we’ve come to expect from Jenelle.

We tend to think it’s the latter, as by all indicators, Jenelle is happier, healthier, and more stable than we’ve ever seen her.

Though her relationship with David Eason has been its own source of scandal, it appears to be working for Evans.

Based on her recent social media post, Jenelle is finally figuring out this whole parenthood thing, and she seems thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl.

The Carolina Hurricane posted the following pic on Instagram over the weekend, along with a caption that conveyed her domestic bliss:

“When you love what you have, you have everything you need,” she wrote. “#BellyKisses #Ohana.”

It’s the latest in a series of posts in which Jenelle offered fans detailed updates on her pregnancy.

According to her Snapchat and Instagram posts, Jenelle is 31 weeks along.

Yesterday, she shared this photo of her burgeoning baby bump:

“Getting more and more round each day! #Pregnant #Angel #LittleGirl,” Jenelle wrote.

Evans also tweeted some info she received at her most recent doctor’s appointment:

“[She] can open/close her eyes, is now practicing REM sleep cycles, and can dream!” wrote of her unborn daughter.

Like we said, this is clearly a woman who’s excited for things to come.

Fortunately, she’s also demonstrating a modicum of patience and caution for possibly the first time ever.

Jenelle has been dating David Eason for just over a year now, and remarkably there’s been no (confirmed) talk of marriage.

This from a girl who’s previously thought nothing of getting engaged to guys she’s been with for a much shorter period of time and whom she was not pregnant by.

We don’t want to jinx it, but could Jenelle be growing up?

Hopefully, we won’t eat our words when she goes on a multi-state crime spree this afternoon.

Ms. Evans has proven many times in the past that she’s reliable only in the sense that you can count on her to let you down.