Try as she might, Leah Messer can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of her harshest critics.

In the past, the favorite hobby of those critics has been attacking Leah’s parenting skills, and in fairness, Ms. Messer gave them plenty of material to work with.

These days, however, Leah has sobered up and settled down, and her critics have to be a bit more creative in their dirt-digging.

And it seems they’ve found what they’re looking for on her Instagram page:

As you can see in the photo above, Leah is looking thinner than usual these days.

Her sudden weight loss has led to “concerned” comments that Leah is “scary skinny,” and suffering from an eating disorder.

But these days, Messer is taking the high road and refusing to respond directly to critical comments from “fans.”

However, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t fighting back in her own way.

Like so many young reality stars these days, Leah shills for Fit Tea, a company that manufactures a tea which they say helps users achieve a flat stomach and burn calories.

Obviously, the stars who are promoting the product draw their followers’ focus to their own physiques with the goal of showing off their tea-assisted weight loss.

But Leah seems to have chosen the selfie above specifically for the reason that she looks as though she’s put on a few pounds.

We mean “a few pounds” in the most literal sense as Leah is obviously still very thin, but we doubt anyone would look at the photo above and say that she’s skinny to the point that she may need medical assistance.

Whatever the case, it’s impossible to diagnose an eating disorder from a few Instagram photos.

Leah’s young, she clearly has a very high metabolism, and she might occasionally overdo it with the dieting.

Fortunately, the Leah eating disorder truthers probably won’t have to wait long to learn if there’s something up with their favorite social media punching bag.

Leah recently wrapped filming for Teen Mom 2 Season 8, and it’s not like producers would help her hide something as storyline-friendly as anorexia.

It’s sad to say, but such is the nature of reality television in 2016.