If you watched the La La Land love fest that was the 2017 Golden Globes, you were probably only vaguely aware that Jimmy Fallon was hosting, as he was on screen for just a small fraction of the show’s lengthy runtime.

This was likely not a slight against Fallon, as the abundance of categories and presenters at these shows usually nudges the host to the margins and into the role of a sort of organized whose primary role is to speed up the often glacial proceedings.

It’s a shame as it’s hard to think of a better fit than Fallon and the Globes:

Both are boozy, more slightly than goofy, notorious for celebrity brown-nosing, and fond of playing games (you made those Steanger Things kids put on ties for nothing, Hollywood Foreign Press?!).

If you follow his career closely, by now you’re probably aware of the frequent speculation surrounding Fallon’s drinking.

The beloved late night host’s hard-partying ways have made tabloid headlines over the years, but by those who have claimed that he’s an alcoholic, also insist that he appears to be a highly functional one.

NBC issued a statement about Fallon’s drinking last year, denying reports that execs had ordered him to go to rehab, and assuring the press there appeared to be no cause for concern at the time.

But just because he’s able to consistently deliver ratings in the increasingly competitive late night market, that doesn’t mean Fallon’s meeting all the responsibilities of his hectic life:

For the better part of a year now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen are headed for divorce.

Sources have been vague about the causes of the couple’s troubles, but it’s widely assumed that Fallon’s lifestyle has caused tension.

Fallon nearly lost a finger during a freak (and allegedly drunken) accident last year, and he hasn’t worn a wedding ring ever since.

Many took this as an excuse and an indication that Fallon’s marriage had secretly come to an end.

So we think it’s safe to say that just as many were shocked to see Juvonen by Fallon’s side as he worked the red carpet prior to Sunday night’s ceremony.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for Hollywood couples to attend major events together in order to keep up appearances, so it remains possible that Fallon and Juvonen are on the outs, but are not yet ready to go public with news of their split.

Not surprisingly, sources say Fallon was on his best behavior at the notoriously boozy ceremony, and headed straight to his hotel room after the show.