You’ll need to sit down for this one, you guys!

The Bachelor: Australia is even more controversial than its U.S. counterpart. Georgia Tripos — a contestant on the most recent season — has apparently spearheaded a drug ring and has been selling cocaine and amphetamine on Craigslist

According to 9 News, a contestant on the reality series found herself arrested last week for running a drug ring with her friend, Kristiana Karakostas. 

That’s nowhere near as scary as anything we’ve ever heard about a contestant on any of our tame-in-comparison editions of the franchise. 

It’s downright crazy. Her cover job on the series was that she worked a real estate agent, but it just so happens that her partner crime also works there. 

Are estate agents not paid well in Australia these days?

The part about Craigslist is particularly hilarious when you consider the fact that selling drugs is, like, not allowed. 

Maybe she was looking to gain recognition for her little side venture and thought appearing on The Bachelor would drum up some interest for her business. 

Tripos has allegedly been granted bail and is allowed to live with her mother and stepfather in Melbourne and has been summoned to appear in court on July 7. 

We’re sure she’ll make a tidy sum of money if she opts to sell some stories to magazines about her part in the ring. 

The police have to confirm the story, but they did release a statement with some tidbits of information. 

They confirmed that two women were found “with a large quantity of drugs” in Melbourne last Wednesday. 

Tripos was a memorable contestant during her stint on the series and lashed out at producers when she was given the boot from the show. 

She claimed the producers lied that the cameras were turned off during her exit from the show and that she was even forced to trash the other women in the competition. She subsequently branded them “skanks.”


To The Bachelor U.S. producers: If you want to sign Tripos up for Bachelor in Paradise, we’re sure you’ll find her details on Craigslist.