Jenelle Evans is without question one of the more outspoken stars of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise.

By which, of course, we mean she bites the hand that feeds her on a regular basis and seems hell-bent on getting fired and alienating as many fans as possible in the process.

Like so many of her co-stars, Jenelle has accused MTV editors of creating false narratives and going out of their way to portray her in a negative light.

Usually, these allegations elicit face-palms aplenty from Teen Mom 2 fans, most of whom have watched Jenelle earn her place as the show’s resident loose cannon though nearly a decade of erratic behavior.

Many have implored Jenelle to STFU for the sake of her family, as the show is her sole means of support,

And with her reputation and rap sheet, it seems unlikely that Evans would be able to find employment that would allow her to comfortably provide for herself and her three kids.

In short, viewers believe Jenelle’s finger-pointing at MTV is just a lot of #FakeNews melodrama.

Now, however, Jenelle has leveled an accusation that many fans seem to believe is not only legit, but necessary.

Earlier this week, a fan of the show criticized Jenelle, and suggested that her divisive mother, Barabara Evans (who currently has custody of Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace), should have custody of all three of Jenelle’s kids.

Surprisingly, the official Teen Mom 2 Twitter account actually engaged the fan in a discussion on the subject, asking:

“Do you think Jenelle is ready to have custody of Jace?”

Jenelle witnessed the exchange and responded immediately:

“Why would u respond to someone being so negative towards me?!! You already knew their answer, my god,” Evans tweeted, adding:

“The drama never ends with MTV.”

The argument seemed to back up a claim that Jenelle has been making for years: 

She believes that MTV wants Barbara to retain custody of Jace, as the arrangement generates conflict between mother and daughter, and thus, ratings for the long-running reality series.

The custody battle between Jenelle and Barbara has been a central storyline for several seasons, and its not hard to see why Jenelle would believe that the show’s producers are hoping to keep it going.

Jenelle isn’t the most stable mom on the planet, and most of her paranoid conspiracy theories are likely nothing more than that.

But even a broken clock is right twice a day, and in her accusations of collusion between Barbara and MTV, Jenelle might be onto something.

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