In what may be the strangest story we’ve read in months, an Ohio woman was charged after allegedly raping a cab driver this winter.

The more details we learn, the more bizarre it gets.

Brittany Carter, 23, has been charged with rape after performing oral sex on the cab driver while at least one friend held him at knifepoint.

Carter’s friend(s) subsequently robbed the driver.

A native of Fremont, Ohio, Brittany was indicted on charges of first-degree felony rape and aggravated robbery following the incident.

Starcasm, via the Fremont News-Messenger, reports that Carter and 20-year-old Cory Jackson got into a cab in Findlay, Oh., on January 28.

It was 4:24 a.m. when this all went down.

No pun intended. Wow, that was bad.

In any event, according to law enforcement, Jackson “held [the] knife at the male cab driver while Carter performed a sex act on him.”

They stole a whole $32 in cash and bolted.

The driver reported what happened right away, and local cops issued arrest warrants, though it took months for her to be brought in. 

Carter wasn’t apprehended until last week.

Brittany Carter’s bail is $60,000; Jackson, who is also wanted on murder charges (seriously) in Lima, Oh., apparently remains at large.

Currently, Carter is being held at the Hancock County Jail, where the mug shot above was taken, having not yet posted the $60K bond.

Photos of Brittany from her still-public Facebook page appear above and below … and show someone who looks by all accounts normal.

Don’t believe anything you read online!

As for the question you’re all wondering:

Given that the apparent motive was robbery (albeit for a mere $32) and it was serious enough to warrant the use of a deadly weapon …

Why the heck did she blow the driver?!

“We don’t know why she did it,” Findlay Detective Lieutenant Robert Ring said when that query was posed. “Maybe it was a distraction?”

“Because they took money from him.”

Brittany performing oral sex on a man while someone else clandestinely steals money is one thing, but wasn’t he robbed with a knife? 

This whole thing makes no sense.

Interestingly, the official police report indicates that it was two males and one female who called for the cab ride in the first place.

Who is the third passenger? Was there one?

Police are still on the hunt for Carter’s other accomplice, according to reports, and you can expect he’ll be brought in if identified.

Brittany has yet to comment on the charges.