Christina El Moussa took off this weekend for a Hawaiian vacation with her kids, Taylor and Braydon.

But all it’s taken is one new photo on her Instagram account for online critics to go off on Christina once again.

Late last month, if you’ll recall, El Moussa shared a number of revealing bikini photos on her social media page.

But while many men out there were busy staring at Christina’s impressive boobs, buttocks and overall body, a handful of women were focused on the person along El Moussa’s side.

That would be her six-year old daughter, who also donned a two-piece for the pictorial.

Check out one of these controversial images here:

A few days later, El Moussa posted another photo to Instagram, this time simply giving fans a look at her kids playing in her family’s above-ground pool.

Christina’s very young son was simply standing outside the pool, in full view of his mother, and yet THIS was still enough for critics to take El Moussa to task for irresponsible parenting.

“thanks for your ‘concern’ aka judgment,” Christina wrote to these trolls at the time, explaining the photo and the circumstances by adding:

“I am right there and could be to him in 3 seconds SMH at this.”

El Moussa may now need to shake her head once again.

Because the Flip or Flop co-host just shared the following cute picture of herself and Taylor on vacation, captioning the photograph as follows:

“Maui days are the best days.”

Basic enough, right?

Worthy of a smile and a nod and an “awww, what a nice mother-daughter bonding moment” remark and not a second though, right?

WRONG! Welcome to the Internet!

Numerous haters have screamed at Christina once more for daring to pose her infant child in a two-piece bathing suit.

They don’t see a happy and proud mother in this picture. They see a terrible one.

But the HGTV star has taken the high road so far, ignoring the criticism in order to focus on what’s important: the happiness of her kids and the special occasion that is Easter.

Consider another photo she shared online over the weekend:

As for the state of Christina’s relationship with Tarek El Moussa?

The couple continues to attend school events together for Taylor.

There’s been plenty of chatter that Christina is angling for her own series without her estranged husband, but that’s a professional issue.

On the personal front, the El Moussas certainly appeared committed to co-parenting, despite insiders trying to stir up trouble by telling Radar Online that Christina and the kids celebrated Easter in Hawaii while Tarek was 5,000 miles away in Panama.

Contrary to the headline attached to this story, this was not an example of “secret getaway” that involved the “[ditching]” of Tarek…

… this is just what happens when two people with kids get a divorce.

Sometimes one parents goes on vacation with the kids and the other parent goes on vacation alone.

Trust us, we’d love to write about all the drama surrounding Christina and Tarek and their split. That would be a lot of fun.

But, just like the motherhood Nazis who actually called El Moussa out for this bikini photo, that would be a desperate and lame move on our part.

Everything seems very amicable between Christina and Tarek. That’s just the way it is.