The ongoing drama surrounding the Tarek and Christina El Moussa divorce has made unexpected tabloid staples out of a couple of basic cable house-flippers.

The mostly negative attention threatened to sink the El Moussas careers at one point, but now they’ve reached a level of popularity that the Chumlees and Jon Taffers of the world can only dream of.

We’ll leave it you to decide whether that’s a good or bad thing, but there’s no arguing that these days, the El Moussas are more in the spotlight than ever before.

Of course, the publicity has nothing to do with their views on formica countertops and everything to do with their personal lives.

From a drama standpoint, the El Moussas breakup has everything: cheating accusations, a multi-million dollar business empire, attractive people who hate each other …

And it appears that the former couple has no qualms about sharing the messy details of their breakup with an increasingly curious public.

We’ve already been privy to such information as when the El Moussas last slept together and whether or not Christina has found someone new.

But there’s been surprisingly little talk about Tarek’s post-marriage love life.

During a recent interview, E! News asked Tarek if he’s seeing anyone these days.

The answer? No … He’s seeing EVERYONE!

“I’ve really never been single before, believe it or not,” Tarek said.

“It’s a whole new life and I am having a lot of fun. I’m just a free spirit, I’m happy, I love going on dates, I like meeting girls.”

Pressed on whether or not he’s “seeing anyone exclusively” Tarek replied:

“Not anyone specifically … Not exclusively.”

“Not specifically.”

That’s code for “I have an Uber driver waiting outside my house five nights a week.”

Without coming right out and saying it, Tarek is letting us know that he’s not spending many nights alone these days, and he’s loving every minute of it.

As for his ex, Christina dated Nate Thompson of the NHL briefly, but it looks as though she’s single these days.

Last we checked, Christina and Tarek are planning to continue hosting their popular HGTV series together for at least one more season.

Should make for some interesting convos when the cameras aren’t rolling!