Back in November, Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo.

And naturally, the pregnancy rumors started flying almost immediately after vows were exchanged that day. After all, Jinger is a Duggar.

The 23-year-old has been raised to believe that women have been placed on this planet for the sole reason of serving as breeding vessels.

So it’s somewhat surprising that nearly seven months after she married, there’s still been no official confirmation that Jinger is knocked up.

Of course, there’s been plenty of speculation about Jinger hiding her pregnancy in her social media photos … her latest in particular.

And why would a woman who’s been open about her plans to raise a brood of comparable size to the one she grew up in hide such a thing?

Because the Duggar family has a brand new season of Counting On to promote, of course! Starting Monday night on TLC!

Might that explain the image below?

In order to fully cash in, the revelation needs to be made on TV, which might be why we get photos like this, conveniently hiding the evidence.

So to speak. Maybe. Hopefully. Or we’re just reaching.

Weddings and pregnancy announcements are the Duggars’ bread and butter, and Instagram posts don’t always result in ratings bumps.

Regardless of whether or not our theory is correct, Jeremy posted the above photo yesterday, along with a caption reading:

“Jinger and I couldn’t be more grateful for our dear friend Pastor Michael Mahoney of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA and his amazing family.”

“We love you guys!”

Yes, Jinger and Jeremy are indoors in Califorina in June, and yet Jinger is going with the full Inspector Gadget-style trench coat.

Makes ya think.

Look, all of us who have been slacking on working on our summer bodies would love to rock 4-5 layers this time of year and not be questioned about it.

But when you’re a public figure who’s likely knocked up, and whose family is known for making babies, getting questioned about your attire is unavoidable.

Again, we’re not saying with any certainty that Jinger Duggar is knocked up, but we are certainly saying that we can see how other people might think that.

“Only the top is buttoned. It’s a bun in the oven!” one card-carrying member of Duggar Nation commented on the photo.

Is it, though?

“It’s very possible that Jinger could be expecting,” another stated bluntly, lacking the gift of creativity but getting the point across.

The Duggars do a lot of things well, breeding chief among them. But as we’ve learned in the past, keeping secrets is not their strong suit.

We get that it’s tougher and tougher in the age of social media, where everyone is instantly accessible and every move analyzed.

Still … you could just pose for selfies or crop photos from the chest up if you were truly trying to quell speculation along these lines.

Just saying.

Ahead of next week’s premiere, follow the link to watch Counting On online and relive JinJer’s road to the altar and much more.