Note to Tarek El Moussa:

We hope you’re far away from a computer right now, perhaps skiing over some water while trying to catch a Miller Lite can or something.

Because you do NOT want to read what we are about to write. Trust us.

On Friday night, Christina El Moussa was spotted walking into Mastro’s Steakhouse in Costa Mesa, California with her rumored new boyfriend, some guy named Doug.

In a photo captured by the paparazzi, the side of Doug’s head and body is on full display, while Christina’s face is turned in his direction, a giant smile plastered across her lips.

(You’ll need to visit E! News for a look at this photo.)

Various insiders confirmed last week that the real estate agent has been dating this businessman “for the last few weeks,” although little else is known about the romance at this time.

Heck, we don’t even know Doug’s last name.

But El Moussa clearly wants us to know she’s getting busy with him or else she would have done a better job keeping this evening on the Down Low.

Instead, the HGTV co-host posted on Snapchat a video of a flaming cocktail on a table, writing “Date night” across the front.

date night image

According to Entertainment Tonight, Christina dated Doug many years ago, long before her marriage to ex-husband Tarek El Moussa and the two “recently reconnected.”

The rekindling of her romance with Doug has not sat well with her estranged husband, this outlet goes on to claim.

“Tarek has always had a sense of jealousy over her prior relationship with this person,” a source tells ET, adding that Tarek “still can’t move forward with the fact that Christina has moved on with her life and that she’s truly happy with herself.”

El Moussa denies this is the case, however, going to great lengths of late to flaunt his own single lifestyle.

“I do not want Christina back nor am I jealous,” Tarek said in response to the initial report about Christina and Doug.

He also recently spoke in detail about all the tang he’s supposedly getting these days.

“It’s a whole new life and I am having a lot of fun. I’m just a free spirit, I’m happy, I love going on dates, I like meeting girls,” Tarek said excitedly this month.

The El Moussas, who share a daughter and a son, split last year. Tarek filed for divorce this past January.

They will film episodes of Flip or Flop on HGTV through the rest of 2017, as ratings of their reality series have only gone up ever since their break-up.

Similarly, Tarek has taken to often saying how frequently his penis has been going up in the company of the opposite sex over the past several weeks.

“I’m taking a break from blondes,” El Moussa told Andy Cohen last week, likely taking a shot at Christina in the process and adding:

“Maybe I’ll dabble with brunettes for a while. I’m looking for someone who’s a lot of fun and a free spirit and is on the same page as me.”

According to an Us Weekly source, meanwhile, Christina doesn’t really care about Tarek’s love life. 

She’s gonna keep doing her own thing and she’s fine if her ex does the same.

“Christina could care less. Tarek is flaunting that he’s living the life and dating all these girls,” a source tells the tabloid, concluding:

“Tarek thinks Christina is a great coparent and great partner on the show.”

“Her personal life is hers, and his is his.”