Stevie J is a man with a plan.

And also with a rekindled romance.

According to Hollywood Life, the VH1 star is once again having lots of sex with Joseline Hernandez, his on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again-and-now-on-again girlfriend.

Hernandez and Stevie are parents to a little girl named Bonnie Bella, who was born in December and who seems to have thawed some seriously thick ice between the reality TV mainstays.

Throughout most of Joseline’s pregnancy, insults were hurled back and forth to a disturbing degree, with Stevie claiming Joseline was on drugs and Joseline labeling Stevie a deadbeat child molester.

It seemed as if the former couple’s daughter would be born into a broken household, but Stevie and Joseline have only said nice things about each other since the day she was born.

Just take a look at them here:

Having spent a great deal of time together since welcoming Bonnie into the world, Stevie and Joseline finally gave in to temptation recently and jumped back into bed.

Yes, again. 

“They’re back living together and things are good, at least for now,” says the Hollywood Life source, adding:

“It’s such a rollercoaster for these two, no one knows what could happen tomorrow. It’s frustrating for their family and friends because they have to hear it when things are bad and deal with the fallout.

“It’s a toxic relationship, but they just can’t live without each other.”

Of course, Stevie and Joseline have long had a professional relationship as well as a personal one.

They’ve co-starred on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta for years.

Last week, however, Hernandez appeared to quit the program over a feud with Mona Scott Young.

And this insider claims Stevie isn’t just giving Joseline his throbbing unit each night between the sheets… he also giving her a path back to the VH1 series.

Stevie and Joseline are back on and he’s working on a truce between her and Mona Scott Young, too, he wants her on the show with him next season,” the source says.

“He’s working on getting her the money she wants and he’ll probably get it because he’s a great negotiator.

“He doesn’t get emotional and lose his temper the way Joseline does, that’s why he’s so successful.”

Joseline announced she was leaving Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on June 1 when she called out Mona in an Instagram post, actually writing “F-ck Mona” as part of her message.

She didn’t mince words or beat around any bushes.

But Stevie has convinced Joseline has can save the situation.

“He is her manager, so it makes sense that he wants her to make more money,” explains Hollywood Life.

“Once she saw the logic in it, she came to her senses.”

Even at the time Joseline shared the photo above, many online critics believed she was simply negotiating for a better contract or trying to make headlines.

It’s very difficult to imagine Love & Hip Hop without her as a full-time cast member, isn’t it?

Now, thanks to Stevie’s penis and bargaining tactics, we hopefully won’t have to.