Considering that her mother, Olivia Newton John, was recently diagnosed with cancer, you’d think that people would understand that Chloe Lattanzi has enough on her plate and would step off.

Unfortunately, isn’t even the first time since her mother’s cancer diagnosis that Chloe’s been attacked by commenters and “fans.”

This time, the attacks come from body-shamers who raged that an Instagram photo of hers, featured below, looked “unhealthy.”

Chloe Lattanzi posted a photo of herself that, gasp, used a filter. The hate that she received was so bad that she deleted the photo, but she eventually put it back up.

Because screw the hater.

Here are the things that the trolls attacked her for:

-looking too thin, even though her waist looks fine (more on that later)

-“smoking a cigarette” even though she’s smoking a joint

-using a filter for her photos

Yeah, that’s a “damning” list of accusations they’ve got there.

Chloe has struggled in the past with eating disorders, and she’s been very forthright about her experience.

So attacking her for “looking sickly” — she looks thin, but she’s also sucking in her gut like everyone in the world when they get their pictures taken.

The fact that her boobs are decidedly on the large side definitely makes her look slimmer than she is.

And even if she weren’t at a healthy weight, that would be no reason to attack — or unfollow — her.

If she were smoking a cigarette, we’d have to agree that it’s gross.

Cigarettes smell bad and are a plague to everyone around you.

More significantly for Chloe, like, her mom has cancer, cigarettes are a carcinogen … that wouldn’t be a great combination. Bad optics.

But she’s smoking a joint, which is plenty legal in a lot of places and also the opposite of a carcinogen.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that breast cancer is one of the specific types of cancer that marijuana has been shown to reduce the risk of.

And then … somebody attacked her for using filters on her photos?

That is the most random troll attack we’ve seen since the 2016 elections.

That one doesn’t need explaining. It’s a filter. Chill out.

Shortly after her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis was made public, Chloe was attacked over her photos — for living her life.

Specifically, we guess, for smiling.

Chloe just wants to live her life, but apparently some hate-filled commenters think that, since her mom is undergoing cancer treatment, she should either never post to social media … or post nothing but some sort of grief montage.

Those jerks need to chill out.

Everybody grieves in their own way.

But also, Olivia Newton-John has scarcely begun her treatment.

It’s not time to grieve, period.

We think that we know what’s going on with these trolls.

First of all, there’s the regular bullying motive — they see someone who in some way doesn’t fit their expectations or desires.

And they perceive her as vulnerable, so they lash out.

But part of cyberbullying¬†functions just like … have you ever noticed that certain people, whether they’re aggressive soccer moms or bitter retirees, seem to go into grocery stores looking to pick fights. They’ll complain to a manager about an innocuous employee.

It makes them feel like they’ve done something for the day and it makes them feel powerful and reassured about their place in the world.

Ultimately, hateful comments aren’t going away any time soon.

Every time that someone asks Twitter to do something about the harassment problem (or the nazis), they nod and then just change the illustrations for retweets.

Finding a way to ignore them without changing the way that you live your life or post to social media is key.

Chloe Lattanzi’s made her Instagram private, which is better than swearing off social media altogether, and she still has tens of thousands of followers.

Because if your online life is making you suffer in real life on a regular basis, then you need to find a way to keep it from touching you.

And one day, maybe society can fix whatever the hell is so wrong with us that makes people send hateful messages to celebrities in the first place.