With Ramona and Bethenny on the outs, Bethenny made it her mission to ice her former friend out of all of the social events. Did she succeed?

When The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 11 got underway, it became apparent that Frenchie was becoming more than just a friend with benefits for Sonja. 

She was dead set on him not being in her home in the morning, but it seemed like he was hanging around the home. Tinsley continued to be a little too forward, poking the bear to find out whether Sonja was in a relationship. 

We then switched gears to Bethenny’s holiday party which was down two women this year: LuAnn was off getting married, and Ramona was still in Bethenny’s bad books, so no caviar for those two. 

Dorinda was on the wine and quickly started ranting about Ramona screwing with her home. If you watch The Real Housewives of New York online, you will know that Dorinda is the least malicious housewife there is.

The ladies then decided to trash Ramona for hanging around with her daughter’s friends, and not having many friends her age. Maybe Ramona just wants to feel younger for longer?

It is pretty sad, and poor Avery probably wants to warn her friends to stop chatting with her mom. Who needs the mother to ruin all the fun? 

Turns out, Bravo did not pay LuAnn enough to film at her wedding. Who would have wanted to watch it when we know it’s going to last, like, ten months? 


She decided to give up some personal footage from the event to give fans the gist of what went down during the momentous occasion. LuAnn opened up about how she knew she was going to be his wife soon after meeting. 

“I knew the first week I was going to marry him,” and, “The pearly gates opened and my father dropped [Tom] into my lap.”

Um, alright then. Of the cast members, the only ones invited were Dorinda and Jill Zarin. As expected, the others were iced out of the nuptials. 

We were then graced with a time jump of two weeks, and Ramona was ecstatic to be invited out for lunch with Dorinda. Ramona remained sober throughout, which makes me think she’s kind enough when she’s sober, but changes with the alcohol. 

She seemed happy to see all of the pictures of LuAnn’s big day, so something had changed. 

The final big event of the week was LuAnn’s New York-based wedding reception, which included people who were not good enough to attend the real event. 

All of the women seemed over the wedding event, but Tom and LuAnn did successfully prove everyone wrong, and they were married. They can stay married as long as we never hear about the cheating rumors again. 

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