For the past several months — maybe even for the past several years — Kailyn Lowry has been nothing but drama.

Seriously, just drama as far as the eye can see.

First there was her divorce from Javi Marroquin, which ended in her seeking out a protective order against him after he broke into her house.

Then, of course, she got pregnant with Chris Lopez before the divorce was even finalized.

Kailyn keeps saying that the pregnancy was planned, but it seems questionable. After all, she’s said many times that Chris doesn’t want anything to do with her now.

But regardless, she’s going to welcome her third baby into the world pretty soon now.

To celebrate the impending birth, she went on a vacation to Puerto Rico … and that’s where we run into the latest Kailyn scandal.

According to the CDC, pregnant women should not travel to Puerto Rico. Period.

Because of Zika.

If a pregnant woman contracts the Zika virus, the fetus can suffer some severe birth defects. The woman can also get violently ill, which can also put the fetus at risk.

In addition to the virus, Kailyn has also said several times that her current pregnancy is high risk.

She hasn’t released a definite due date, but based on the time line she’s given us, it sounds like she’s due in about a month.

Is it really safe for her to be flying right now?

We’re not Kailyn’s doctors, of course, and we don’t presume to know more about her body or about her pregnancy than she does.

But it does seem like an unnecessary risk to go to Puerto Rico while so very, very pregnant.

It sounds like she’s not done taking those kinds of risks either — she’s said that she’s planned another vacation, this one to St. Thomas, before the baby is born.

St. Thomas is in the Virgin Islands, which is another place the CDC advises pregnant women to avoid.

After all, better to be safe than to contract the Zika virus.

Though Kailyn doesn’t seem concerned, her social media followers definitely are.

“Aren’t you worried about Zika?” one person asked, “The first thing they say is not to travel to those areas and countries especially if you’re pregnant … be very careful!”

Another wrote “Yikes. Not trying to hate at all but I’d be concerned about Zika. It definitely depends on where you’re at but not something to mess around with.”

But Kailyn, much like Jill Duggar, clearly isn’t that concerned.