Rob Kardashian is reportedly back to having sex with Blac Chyna.

But it’s not where he chooses to stick his penis that has some social media users angry at the moment.

It’s the ensemble he picked out for his daughter.

The oft-troubled reality star probably thought he was simply sharing an adorable photo of his little girl over the weekend.

It’s the summer, Rob resides in the southern part of California and temperatures have been over 90 degrees out there.

In other words: it’s hot!

So Kardashian wanted to cool small human Dream down, dipping her into a kiddie pool and posting a photo of a very happy and excited seven-month old for the online world to see.

“Splashhhhh baby dream,” Rob wrote as a caption to the picture below.

It’s rather adorable, isn’t it?

And totally harmless, right?

Wrong, apparently.

This is the Internet, after all.

Kardashian received more than a few positive comments from followers. “She is really really cute! she literally looks like a doll,” one person wrote, while another added: “Her eyelashes are amazing! She’s so beautiful.”

But Rob then heard from the critics. Big time.

They were apparently aghast that he would dress his young child up in a two-piece bathing suit.

“Put some clothes on that kid,” one idiot wrote, evidently unaware that one doesn’t wear clothing in a pool.

“Why put her in such a sexual outfit?” another moron asked, acknowledging that a swimsuit obviously made sense for the moment, but wondering why a bikini was needed.

Rob can now relate to what Jessica Simpson and other famous parents have gone through.

They often have their every act and decision scrutinized by a nosy, judgmental public, such as when they put their five-year into in a mermaid costume.

Thankfully, Rob did not let this ridiculous criticism get him down.

On the same day he shared that supposedly controversial picture of Dream way above, he shared the dual snapshots above.

The photo on the left was snapped of Dream at Disneyland over the weekend, while the one on the right is an extreme throwback of Rob as a child.

See a resemblance?

We do. And so does Dream’s daddy.

“My twin. She got the Minnie Mouse hat on and I got the Mickey Mouse hat on,” Kardashian wrote as a caption.

We love it!

(But we’re not excited for some losers out there to jump online and say it’s inappropriate for the child to wear a tanktop or flaunt polka dots or some other nonsense.)

You can say whatever you want about Rob Kardashian. Almost.

You can cite his contentious romance with Blac Chyna and his appearances on E! as evidence that he craves money and attention.

You know, just like all of his siblings.

The truth, however, is that he’s actually seemed pretty shy over the years and unsure about the role he ought to play within this famous family.

This is the same person who basically turned his back on his family for several months, cutting off contact and not posting a single message or photo on Instagram.

But whatever you think of him as a reality star, we urge you not to judge Rob as a parent.

Ever since Dream was born in November, Rob has come across as completely loving and dedicated to the well-being of his first child.

Upon the recent occasion of her seven-month birthday, Rob shared a cute photo of his daughter and wrote as a caption:


That says it all, doesn’t it?

You keep doing you, Rob. And you keep putting Dream in a bikini when it’s hot outside. We won’t judge you.

No one else should, either.