Kim Kardashian’s butt may be shrinking, but Ariel Winter’s booty is still around and still as perfect as ever.

This series of eye-catching photos of her in a bikini makes absolutely sure that nobody can miss her derriere.

And … did we mention that it involves pizza? Sort of.

Ariel Winter is hot and she knows it.

Unfortunately, she’s been made all-too-aware of it.

Even as a minor, she’d go to red carpet events and people would ask her about how her boobs fit into her dress, because that’s appropriate.

That’s actually the sort of thing that led to Ariel Winter’s breast reduction.

(She’s said that she’s been much happier ever since, and we’re so glad)

Now, as an adult, Ariel Winter is free to take charge of her sexuality and to show off her body when and how she chooses.

Sometimes, that involves a bikini.

Sometimes, that involves a pool.

Sometimes, apparently, that involves a large inflatable pizza slice.

Here you go, though the first photo flaunts everything except her butt.

We realized as we first looked over these that this is probably someone’s kink.

Like … something related to vore or something, we don’t know, and we really don’t want to.

Some people see something weird and get fixated right when they enter puberty, like, wires get crossed.

So someone, somewhere out there has been waiting all their life for images of Ariel Winter on a slice of pizza.

It makes the people obsessed with feet seem downright normal, right?

But even to the rest of the world, Ariel looks stunning, here.

Laying on your back is usually a very flattering pose, and she’s definitely posed, here.

Her posture around her neck is a little rigid, but not all inflatables are super well balanced.

She may have just been trying to hold her position to make sure that she didn’t tip over or bend the “pizza slice” at a weird angle for the photo.

But then comes the butt stuff.

Well, butt photos.

“Butt stuff” would, um, not be Instagram-appropriate.

Holy frick her butt is looking like some next-level perfection.

Sure, she’s in a bikini that frames it perfectly.

(Not all bikinis do — some folks need higher or lower bikinis that curve at different angles)

But no bikini is gonna make a non-epic butt wow the camera like Ariel Winter’s does.

Some might point the finger at her and yell “hypocrisy” since she’s lamented being sexualized in the past.

But it was being sexualized by others that bothered her.

(When she was a minor, no less)

Ariel Winter can dress, undress, photograph, and otherwise advertise her own beautiful flesh prison any way that she likes.

She’s not one of the Duggars with their rules about female modesty, after all.

And don’t worry, there’s yet another photo of Ariel Winter’s butt.

But from a different angle!

You gotta flaunt that bubble if you’ve got it!

Honestly, there’s no telling how many photos didn’t make it into the public sphere.

We get the feeling that the photographer may have been Ariel Winter’s boyfriend who, she insists, is his own person.

(Ariel Winter doesn’t say, though — her captions were just a pair of emojis: a pizza slice and a wave of water)

And sure, equal partners can photograph each other.

She’d return the favor, but we guess that there’s just less demand to see Levi Meaden in a bikini. Probably.

We have to say that Ariel’s selfies are pretty fantastic, but selfies alone can’t really do justice to her booty.