Over the last few weeks, Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner have said some very mean things about each other.

But money apparently talks louder than any insults these ex-spouses have leveled at each other, which is why a new report claims the two are about to get back together.

In a professional capacity, that is.

The odds of Tiger Woods winning another Major are higher than the odds of Kris and Caitlyn actually getting back into bed together.

However, they may very well be back in business as a tandem because an insider tells Radar Online that Caitlyn really wants to star on another television show.

In the wake of I Am Cait failing to really catch on, she’s allegedly turned to the most famous reality TV manager around to help her resurrect her dying career on the small screen.

“Caitlyn has been encouraged to pitch the [new] show to Bravo and E! and she wants the process to go smoothly,” this source claims to Radar, adding:

“She knows that Kris could be a huge asset and they both have clauses that they will not slander one another.

“Any inclusion of Kris and her family in the show could be very lucrative for both parties.”

That’s true, we suppose.

Caitlyn has fallen out of the spotlight since making endless headlines during her first year as a transgender, although she always claimed that she preferred to live a more private life anyhow.

Ratings for Keeping Up with the Kardashians plummeted throughout Season 13, meanwhile, which is why a previous report alleged Kris was actually the one who wanted to reunite with Caitlyn on screen.

She’s really that desperate to turn the mothership around.

But plenty of water will need to be swept under the bridge in order for the Jenner to reconcile.

In her memoir, Caitlyn slammed sex with Kris as being very odd and uncomfortable during their marriage, while she also continued to insist that Kris knew of her transgender tendencies from the very beginning.

Caitlyn also said Kris was given all the money Caitlyn ever earned, a charge that especially angered the former’s step-children.

During a televised tirade against Caitlyn at one point this spring, Kim even said that Jenner “just literally started three families with three different people and f-cked everyone over.”

Ouch. It doesn’t get much more personal or sensitive than that.

As a form of revenge against her ex-husband, there’s been talk that Kris Jenner may write her own biography, one specifically aimed at taking Caitlyn down.

And this may very well still end up happening.

But if Kris thinks she can make more money by making up with Caitlyn on screen, even if it’s merely for show, well…

… we all know which direction she’d go in, don’t we?

Would you want to see a reality show that features both Kris and Caitlyn Jenner?

Or are you sort of over this family and its scripted drama?