Did Ramona manage to get back to being in good graces with Bethenny?

That was her plan on The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Episode 15 when it became apparent there were strings attached to her invitation to Mexico. 

When the episode got underway, Ramona opened up to Luann about reaching out to Bethenny when she learned what happened with Jason Hoppy. Yes, that d-bag who won’t shut up about the star. 

Ramona seemed a little pissed that Bethenny was still pushing her away because, well, she’s tried about everything she can to make nice with her former friend. 

Sometime later, the ladies met up for a steak dinner, and Bethenny started things off by ignoring Ramona’s existence. 

Luann tried to get Bethenny to just invite Ramona along for the trip because it would divide the group further if she did not. 

Bethenny opened up to Ramona and basically called her a snake. 

“I’m very uncomfortable because of the way that you’ve treated me for a while, and I don’t know how to move forward,” Bethenny said.

Ramona was not about to let her name be dragged through the mud, and chanted that Bethenny said “negative things.” 

“Don’t say that you’re Miss Perfect because you’ve said some nasty things, too,” Ramona clapped back.

Ramona quickly went into an emotional tirade and countered that her life was just as bad. 

“Don’t even try to compare your life to mine!” she shouted. “Have more respect for me and more sympathy!”

Bethenny then said she did not want Ramona going on the Mexico trip, but Ramona countered that it is a group trip, so she will be attending. 

Yeah, you tell her, Ramona!

“Yes we had a fight, that’s what life is,” Ramona said. “I don’t need a negative energy and I care for you in a sense but you just don’t like to be cared for.”

Bethenny then felt the need to blame all of the crazy things they say about each other on their strained relationship. 

So, they made a pact to zip it, but Bethenny revealed in a confessional that it was crap. 

Meanwhile, Tinsley wanted to get back into the dating game, so Carole set her up on a blind date with a friend. 

It was a double date, giving Carole a good look at how Tinsley reacts under pressure. The date, however, was a colossal failure. 

Tinsley claimed she feels herself when she’s drunk, and even revealed that she still wears her original wedding ring. 

Like, what fresh hell was that? Was she trying to scare the dude off? Why speak about previous relationships on a first date? 

It all seemed a little too bizarre to take seriously, but we learned one thing: Tinsley will be single for life. 

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