Karrueche Tran has made some great steps in recent months to improve her life.

And now people are saying that she might be pregnant.

Usually that kind of speculation comes from a photo or two, but this time what’s fueling the story is Karrueche’s own words. …

Karrueche Tran sure dodged a bullet by not dating Rob Kardashian.

As we all know, she didn’t have such luck with every guy, recently revealing that Chris Brown beat her, stalked her, and threatened her life.

But she did escape from that monster.

And now she’s dating Quavo from Migos.

No, you (probably) didn’t just have a stroke — his name is Quavo and he’s part of the American hip-hop group, Migos.

They started off as friends but, well, so do a lot of relationships.

But while they’ve been all but inseparable for a few months, it would be way too soon for them to talk about having a baby together, right?

So, people take photos of Karrueche all of the time.

She’s gorgeous and a celebrity, so that’s a double-threat as far as photographers are concerned.

A lot of the times, it’s an odd photograph where the wind is blowing in a certain way that might give a celebrity the appearance of a baby bump.

In other cases it’s just a choice in outfit or a weird camera angle.

But Karrueche hasn’t really shown anything of the sort.

It was her words, posted in the caption of a paparazzi snapshot of her eating a burger on the beach, that sparked the controversy.

“Baby’s hungry.”

Now, people sometimes refer to themselves in the third person as “baby.”

A lot of people will quote “nobody backs baby into a corner,” for example.

(Heck, when I was a baby, I’d apparently refer to myself in the third person as “baby” or “the baby”)

Some people might refer to themselves as “baby” when talking to close friends.

In fact, “hurry up; baby’s hungry” would be a pretty normal thing for a woman to text her friends if they’re planning to meet for food.

But just posting the caption, “Baby’s hungry,” for all of her followers to see … that sounds like she could be hinting at being pregnant.

And, of course, talking about pregnancy cravings.

But … Karrueche might have been playing on that ambiguity.

In the half-dozen posts she’s made to Instagram since making that caption, Karrueche’s mentioned products or projects of hers.

So you have to wonder if it was really an accidental bit of ambiguity … or a way to lure people to her Instagram page for some self-promotion.

Honestly, we have to respect that.

And … there’s always a chance that this really was just a very sly pregnancy announcement.