This is just awful.

Sarah Hyland, the beautiful Modern Family actress, has had her personal photos hacked, which means that there are once again nude photos of her circulating on the internet.

The worst thing about this is that it’s happened before. …

Sarah Hyland’s shown serious sideboob before to show off a tattoo, but that was her choice.

This is different.

This happened to Sarah Hyland once before, in 2014.

This time, the pictures appear to show Sarah Hyland topless (and bottomless) while wearing a robe that covers basically nothing.

Some celebrity nude hacks reveal celebs in some serious sex acts, but this isn’t a case of Sarah Hyland “getting off easy” — this is a violation.

We don’t yet know the origins of the hack or who might be behind it, but we hope that investigators are able to get to the bottom of things.

Sarah Hyland deserves that much.

And she wasn’t the only one in these photos. …

At least one of the photos is said to feature a topless Sarah Hyland kissing her ex-boyfriend, Matt Prokop.

You might remember that she was granted a three-year restraining order against Matt Prokop after revealing that he had choked her, threatened to burn down her home and also threatened her dog.

It was reportedly part of abusive behavior that had gone on for years.

Monstrous but sadly not surprising. Abuse is no rare thing.

(At least Matt Prokop isn’t as popular as Johnny Depp, or maybe he’d still have hordes of people trying to defend him)

These days, Sarah Hyland is dating hottie Dominic Sherwood, known for his role in Taylor Swift’s “Style” music video and best known for his role as Jace Wayland (or, arguably, Jace Herondale — it’s complicated) on the Freeform supernatural drama series, Shadowhunters.

Things seem so, so much better for Sarah Hyland these days.

Sarah Hyland is 26, an adult by any standard.

(Arguably not a grown-up, since that really begins around 30 … or so … but that’s not a knock on her)

For this hack, which appears to have happened yesterday, as with every hack, trolls are going to come out of the woodwork to claim that it’s somehow her fault.

“If you don’t want your nudes to leak, don’t take them,” is usually the general gist of what they say.

That’s victim-blaming, usually with a heavy dose of slut-shaming.

Having something doesn’t entitle others to steal it from you and share it with the world.

We somehow doubt that those trolls would argue that it’s somehow the owner’s fault if their television or jewelry is stolen.

Nudes, stolen from a phone or computer or private social media account or ripped form the cloud, are no different.

Hell, even actresses who have gone nude for roles deserve privacy for their personal photos. How much you show of your body should always be your choice.

If a porn star’s nudes are stolen, it’s still a crime.

Sarah Hyland’s now had to deal with anorexia rumors, two hacks of her nudes, and a horrifyingly abusive relationship.

That’s more than enough for anyone.

Whatever drives people to punish celebrities for existing by obtaining and releasing their nudes to the public, it needs to stop.

Sarah Hyland has reportedly vowed legal action.

Hopefully the threat against anyone who publishes these ill-gotten goods will be enough of a deterrent before too many people see her nude.

One of the only sources of consolation in these cases is that real nudes are often lost among the endless fabrications out there.

Photos with poorly photoshopped images of celebrity faces on bodies that are clearly not their own are abundant on the Internet.

But that’s a small comfort to people in her shoes.

If anything, it makes us understand why Ariel Winter, Sarah’s Modern Family co-star, has decided to simply post these photos herself: