The Bachelorette: Men Tell All special aired Monday on ABC, and the obligatory two hours of filler leading up to the finale lived up to its billing.

That being filler. Mostly.

You don’t need The Bachelorette spoilers to know how this works: Rachel and the men reflect on the season so far. That’s about it. 

One thing that made this year’s Men Tell All stand out, though, was Lee Garrett, who Chris Harrison and the other men really took to task.

Lee’s racist behavior was a major focal point of the season before the talk turned to Rachel Lindsay’s final three and Bachelorette spoilers.

Garrett had a lot of explaining to do, and he started out trying reasonably hard, admitting that Kenny never dragged him out of a van.

The other guys, he admitted, were right in pointing out the things he did wrong. But then Chris read off Lee’s racist tweets and whoa.

His responses were just not cutting it.

“I don’t like racism at all,” Lee said.

“It bothers me morally, it bothers me inside. I don’t like it, and when I woke up and I saw that those came out, it hurt me a lot.”

So it bothered him when the tweets came out? Later, he sort of apologized while sortof acknowledging what he was apologizing for.

Better than nothing, we suppose.

“I’m sorry for saying things when I was not educated and ignorant in those subjects,” he eventually said, then apologized to Rachel.

“I took a situation that was very important to you and very important to a lot of people, and I didn’t take that initiative to learn.”

“I watched it and just, goodness.”

Rachel’s other suitors, including Whaboom and Blake, also made an appearance, and for that, we apologize. Just for having to discuss it.

DeMario Jackson referred to his girlfriend, who showed up on the show as a “side chick,” admitting he knew her and sort of dated her.

But it wasn’t really dating, you know?! He made a reference to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky somehow, which did not help his cause.

Then there was Kenny. The producers brought out his daughter, he cried, and he weighed in on nearly every situation going on Monday.

He was very popular.

Finally, Dean Unglert did a lot of talking and received a lot of cheers as well, making us wonder about those Dean is The Bachelor rumors.

Of course, Dean is also headed to Bachelor in Paradise, which could further cement his reputation as a fan favorite, or ruin it altogether.

With that show, it can go either way; Bachelor mainstays have seen their images ruined, or in Nick Viall’s case, completely rejuvenated.