Jeremy Calvert … well, no one would ever accuse him of being the most charming guy, we’ll say that.

Actually, we’ll say that and so, so much more.

Because the thing is that Jeremy Calvert is really a gross individual. We’ve seen it on Teen Mom 2, we’ve seen it on social media, we’ve seen it basically every time he opens his mouth anywhere.

But, according to some new statements from both Jeremy and his ex-girlfriend, Brooke Wehr, he’s even more awful than we knew.

And that’s because, in this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, he just straight up lied to Leah Messer.

In the scene in question, Leah and Jeremy had a nice little FaceTime chat in which he explained to her that Brooke broke up with him.

As he told her, one day he just “came home to all my sh-t just being everywhere” because Brooke “lost her sh-t.”

The issue, according to Jeremy, was that Brooke randomly decided to go through his phone records and discovered that he’d had a 35 minute call with Leah, and she became suspicious.

The phone call was totally innocent — it was about their daughter’s enrollment in preschool — but Jeremy insisted that Brooke simply wasn’t having it.

“Why does she feel that way about me?” Leah asked, obviously hurt and confused, but he told her that he didn’t know.

So basically his story was that Brooke is a little crazy and a lot jealous, and that she couldn’t handle him talking to the mother of his child so she lost her mind.

Convenient, right?

In this story, Jeremy didn’t do anything wrong, Brooke is unreasonable, and he’s just a good dad in a bad situation.

But, as we all know, that’s not exactly how things seemed to go down.

And thankfully, Jeremy is big enough to admit it in a statement he made to Real Mr. Housewife.

“The episode you saw on Monday,” he explains, “Brooke came off as crazy, which she isn’t at all. It was all my fault during that time.”

“Also the reason we broke up wasn’t because of me and Leah talking for that long about Addie’s preschool stuff. It was over me talking to a different girl. Period.”

Which, obviously, isn’t even remotely new information — we’ve known for a while now that Jeremy cheated on Brooke more than once.

It’s pretty weird that he even thought he could get away with lying about it on the show.

Jeremy insists that the breakup “had nothing to do with the way me and Leah co parent for our child and communicate. Just would like to address the correct version of what happened.”

“That was all talked about, but was edited out of the episode last night.”

Ah, of course, the tried and true “MTV edited my footage to make me look bad!” excuse.

Still, he owns up to his mistakes, saying “I basically lied to make myself look better than what I truly did. Which I shouldn’t have done but I did so now I’m trying to set the record straight.”

“And also she never through my sh-t every where and didn’t lose her sh-t like I stated in that episode.”

Brooke has also taken to her Instagram account to refute the way things went down on the show — she confirms that the breakup “had absolutely nothing to do with Leah.”

“Leah’s name was never brought up … Him and I had never even had an argument that even involved her name.”

She also explains that the reason she and Jeremy got into that fight was because he was talking to another girl for 35 minutes, and he had her name in his phone under “Tim.”

The fight definitely did happen, “but that wasn’t about Leah at all, and it definitely had nothing to do with Addie going to school at all.”

Brooke adds that “I just felt like that needed clarified because that whole entire conversation” on the show, “from the beginning to the end as complete bullcrap. All of it was a lie.”

Hasn’t Jeremy ever heard that quote about weaving all those tangled webs?