So far, we know precious few details about the birth of Kailyn Lowry’s third child, who was welcomed into this world last weekend.

And frankly, for The Hollywood Gossip, that will not do.

We know that she gave birth to the baby in the wee hours of the morning of August 5th, and that it’s a third boy for the Teen Mom 2 star.

We also know that the baby’s father is a friend of Kailyn’s named Chris Lopez, who it looks like could be exceeding expectations already.

Granted, those were low. But despite reports that he wants nothing to do with her or their child, he was with her at the hospital with them.

At least at some point … for how long, it’s unclear.

We know that she still hasn’t picked out a name for the baby, who, for the moment, is still going by Baby Lo (for Lowry, Lopez or both).

But now, thanks to a seriously adorable post Kailyn made on her Instagram stories, we have our first official glimpse at the handsome little fella!!!

Check it out, if you can handle the cuteness …

We can’t either, Kailyn. We really, really can’t.

This photo of the younger brother of Isaac and Lincoln is just so unbelievably sweet, isn’t it? And for a couple of reasons.

One, it’s a picture of baby toes, and anyone with a functional heart and soul can’t help but lose their mind over the cuteness of some baby toes.

And two, after all the relentless drama that surrounded her pregnancy, it’s just so good to see her with a healthy little baby that she’s obviously smitten with.

Oh, and hey, if you’re worried we pulled a fast one on you, what with boasting about having the first pics of the baby and only showing you some toes …

We got a look at Baby Lo’s sweet little face, too!

He’s so adorable it hurts, right?

And she’s right – that’s a ton of hair for such a brand new baby!

It looks like she’s really getting into the swing of being a mother of three, right? Which is good, because last we heard, she was having a hard time.

“Kailyn is feeling all kinds of emotions right now, it’s pretty overwhelming,” a source close to the reality star claimed just yesterday.

“She’s relieved and happy that the pregnancy is finally over, and that she has a healthy beautiful baby boy, but she’s also utterly exhausted.”

She’s also “scared about the future.”

Which makes sense. Given the circumstances, we’d be frankly surprised if Lowry weren’t feeling scared and overwhelmed to a degree.

Even if she and Chris Lopez are amicable enough to take the baby home from the hospital together, they’re still not actually together.

As far as we know, that’s not likely to change either.

Meaning that, at least for these first few months, she’s looking at round-the-clock feedings, diaper changes and general soothing all by herself.

When you consider that she’s got two other children to care for as well, and the fact that she doesn’t have any family to help her out …

Yeah, it sounds like she’s in for a struggle.

But, judging from her demeanor in the days since she welcomed her third baby boy, it looks like she knows that the struggle is worth it.

Congrats on that beautiful baby, Kailyn!