Taylor Swift is embracing her inner Slytherin.

On Monday afternoon, three days after erasing all of her social media posts, the singer stole attention away from the total eclipse engulfing our nation by sharing a simple and mysterious video.

It features footage of a blurry snake and it got people asking, wondering and speculating as follows:

Is Swift finally coming out with a new single?

A new album?

Will she shed her often-criticized good girl persona and finally own up to the snake-like reputation many saddled her with last summer after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sort of exposed Taylor as a liar?

We can’t answer the third question at the moment.

Or even the second with any certainty.

But all signs now point to brand new Taylor Swift music being released THIS FRIDAY!

The superstar has released a second snake-themed video on Instagram, and astute users have noted that its scales spell out an 8 and a 25.

Put those numbers together and you get 8/25, also known as August 25, also known as THIS FRIDAY.

According to Variety, meanwhile, Swift will release the music video for Friday’s new single (allegedly titled “Timeless”) during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night.

Which will be hosted by her arch enemy, Katy Perry.

Which would make this simply amazing.

What can we expect from the upcoming track itself?

“The song is poppy,” a source tells Us Weekly, adding of the album sure to follow:

“She’s being very secretive about it, but it’s going to be a really good one.”

The insider goes on to say that this sixth studio album likely won’t come out for a few months.

“She’s aiming to release an album this fall,” the tabloid wrote in May.

“She’s continuing down the pop route because 1989 was a huge success and fans really gravitated toward that album.

“She knows there’s a demand for a new album and has really started focusing on making that happen for fans. She’s just excited to get back out there.”

It’s rather safe to say that fans are exciting as well.

The hashtag “#TS6IsComing” has been trending on Twitter and an endless array of users have been expressing such sentiments as those posted here:


Starting with her 2006 self-titled debut and leading up to “1989,” Swift had released an album every two years… until 2016.

The wait has been excruciating for long-time followers and supporters, but we have a feeling it will all pay off.

Just be warned: if Taylor really does release a music video during an awards show hosted by Katy Perry, the Internet might finally explode once and for all.