Big Brother is a show that finds a group of people secluded in the house for the summer as they go to crazy lengths to win some money.

Some of the houseguests seem to forget the show has a 24-hour live feed that viewers actually pay to watch.

The show is no stranger to controversy and has come under fire several times throughout the years for the way the houseguests act. 

On Monday, current head of household, Jason Dent disgusted viewers when he threatened to rape fellow houseguest Kevin Schlehuber’s wife if Kevin ever turned on him in the game. 

“I’m gonna f*** your wife when I get out of here,” Dent said explicitly referencing Schlehuber’s wife as he burst out laughing. 

“And I’m going to tie all your daughters up and make them f***ing watch,” he added.

Fellow houseguest, Alex Ow laughed away as Jason made the comments, presumably because she hates Kevin. 

But still, Alex shut down sexual comments earlier in the season because she alleged that a family member was raped. 

So, what made her change her stance on the whole thing to laugh along with Jason’s despicable comments?

Alex has been gunning to get Kevin out of the game for weeks now, and with Jason as Head of Household, she thought that she was going to get her wish. 

But, Jason did not seem high on the idea of getting rid of Kevin quite yet. And over the last few days on the live feed, a lot of houseguests have been antagonizing the poor man. 

Kevin notoriously tricked his houseguests into thinking he did not accept a temptation to earn $25,000. That temptation came with the consequence of Paul Abrahamian entering the game. 

If you’ve been keeping up to date this season, Paul has been dominating the whole game and has managed to stay off the block the whole time.

While people are thinking of short-term targets, he always finds ways to set targets up weeks in advance to ensure his name never comes up as a target. 

The odd thing about Jason’s comments is that they came on the heels of him mostly choosing to defy the majority alliance and do what he thinks is good for his game. 

But comments like the ones above are not good, and they will likely wind him up in hot water when he’s out of the house. Jason found out on a recent episode that his wife was expecting their second child. 

The CBS episodes have indeed shown Jason in a positive light, but it remains to be seen if the backlash will be addressed. 

What do you think of all of the drama?