We just can’t seem to figure that Briana DeJesus out.

She’s been a cast member of Teen Mom 2 for a little while now, and we’ve been able to see quite a bit of her, but so much of her footage is just kind of boring.

But then, when you look at her social media accounts, you see that the girl can be as messy as the rest of them.

Like, she could give Jenelle Evans a run for her money when it comes to Twitter drama, and that’s really saying something.

So why doesn’t she bring her social media persona onto the show, so we can get our fill of that sweet, sweet reality show trashiness?

It’s hard to say.

We can only hope her latest Twitter explosion ends up on the show somehow, because … well, let’s just say that if you want trashiness, look no further.

As you may have heard, Devoin Austin, the father of Briana’s first child, was recently arrested for failing to show up to a court date about some marijuana charges.

Several days after he was arrested and a mug shot was released, a new mug shot started making the rounds, leading many to believe that he’d been arrested again.

A concerned soul sent the photo to Briana on Twitter, but, as she explained, the new mug shot wasn’t from a new arrest, but it was taken because he’d been transferred to another jail.

“I should go visit him and ask him why the f-ck he still on the wrong path in life smh,” she added.

It was a fair comment to make, but still, a woman named Josi (who seems to be friends with Devoin) decided to come after her for the comment. And a seriously wild Twitter fight ensued.

“Bitch and what are you doing with your life foh?” this Josi asked Briana. “Lmao wild annoying.”

Briana answered “Lmaoooo a lot more than you, but Josi pulled out the big guns right away.

“Bitch like what??? A tv show??” she wrote. “Bitches don’t even like your weak ass story line fam! Shoulda fixed your face instead of the rest of ur body ho.”

We won’t argue with that first part, because her storyline honestly is pretty weak, but the plastic surgery slam doesn’t make sense. Briana is gorgeous.

Briana was also advised to “get it together bozo,” but she suggested that Josi should stop worrying about her life and her Teen Mom 2 gig and “put that effort into figuring out who ur real BD is.”

“BD,” by the way, stands for “baby daddy.” Because these are the kind of people we’re dealing with here.

Josi asked people to pray for Devoin because “AINT NUN WRONG WIT HIM BRIANA JUST HIS BM.”

“He’s lucky he got me as a good baby mom unlike all u other hoes who chooses dick and drugs over ya kids,” Briana responded.

And because Devoin seems to hang with the classiest of crowds, Josi retaliated with “My daughter gon run into ya daughter on the playground someday n when Kai punts her ass down the slide ima look away.”

Briana told her not to talk about her children, and Josi told her “Lmfao bitch I’ll smack fire out your ass and I’ll punt both ya kids in their sh-t.”

She also threatened to “tip your daughter stroller over.”

They carried on like this for a while, but eventually Briana told her “If I wanna visit my BD I can, if I wanna talk sh-t about him I can, if I wanna f-ck with him again I can … why? Bc he’s my BD tf.”

At this point, other people started piling on Briana, calling her names and threatening her.

In response, she wrote “MTV coming down in a few, if ya want the air time … just send me ya emails… I’ll make sure they email u a release form.”


Seriously, how does she get into all this on Twitter but all we see on the show is her talking about adoption when everybody already knows she never really planned on going through with it?

This is the drama we deserve. This right here.