We know, we know – you’ve heard this one before.

Rumors about Gwen Stefani being pregnant with Blake Shelton’s baby have been circulating pretty much from the time the world learned they were dating.

But this time, a source close to the couple insists that the singers will be making their long-awaited announcement any day now.

Says the insider, who spoke with Radar exclusively:

“Gwen adores being a mom and Blake has had babies on the brain for months, especially after getting to know Gwen’s boys,” 

“They knew they didn’t have time to waste, so they planned this pregnancy out, down to the last detail.”

Yes, according to the informant, Gwen is pregnant at age 47 following months of in-vitro fertilization treatments.

“Gwen and Blake have made this baby their complete and total priority,” says the source close to the couple.

“They were so emotional and overwhelmed when they found out, and now they’re just focused on everything going smoothly.”

“This baby is something they’ve both wanted for a long time.”

The insider says that due to her age and the fact that she’s already a mother of three, Gwen was initially hesitant about getting pregnant for a fourth time.

“Gwen really has felt in the past like her family was complete,” the source says.

But if nothing else, dating Blake for the last two years has proven what an amazing dad he will be.”

The tipster adds that it was partially Gwen’s realization that there’s no greater gift she could give Shelton that persuaded her to undertake the IVF process.

“She wanted to give him a child of his own,” says the source.

“She knew that at this stage in the game, going through the grueling process of IVF was the only way — and would be worth it in the end.”

Obviously, if this report is accurate, then our most heartfelt congratulations go out to Gwen and Blake.

But despite the source’s apparent certainty, that remains a very big “if.”

Since the insider claims Gwen is “several months along,” we suppose we’ll finding out if the rumor is true soon enough.

If it turns out that Gwen is actually pregnant, expect a very mixed reaction to the news.

Naturally, fans of Stefani and Shelton will be over-joyed, but many will line up to shame Gwen about the risks of carrying a child at 47.

There will also be those who still carry a torch for their previous marriages, though two years have passed at this point and all parties are happy.

Gwen’s would undoubtedly be one of the most high-profile pregnancies of the year (It would probably claim the top spot, were it not for the fact that Kate Middleton is expecting her third child).

In any case, you can bet there are many who are watching this situation very closely, and we are certainly among them.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.