Michelle Rounds, the ex-wife of media personality Rosie O’Donnell, has passed away at the age of 46.

Though no official cause of death has been announced, TMZ is reporting that Rounds appears to have taken her own life.

Rounds had been open about her struggles with mental illness over the years, and tragically, it seems the battle proved fatal.

After meeting at an industry event in 2011, Rounds and O’Donnell got married the following year. 

Their time together was turbulent, marred by frequent fighting and Rounds’ persistent health issues.

But there were bright spots, as well.

O’Donnell and Rounds welcomed a daughter together in 2013, and Michelle described the months that followed as the happiest in her life.

Sadly, it was a period that wouldn’t last.

Rounds and O’Donnell separated in 2015 after months of intense fighting.

Just months later Rounds attempted suicide by overdosing on prescription painkillers.

She was rushed to a hospital, where doctors were able to save her life.

Though Rounds moved on to a new and reportedly far less tumultuous relationship, it seems she was never able to escape her demons.

After was said to be a period of emotional stability, Rounds reportedly experienced a recurrence of symptoms in recent weeks.

O’Donnell issued a statement on her former wife’s death just moments ago:

“I am saddened to hear about this terrible tragedy,” O’Donnell wrote.

“Mental illness is a very serious issue affecting many families. My thoughts and prayers go out to Michelle’s family, her wife and their child.”

They though often fought bitterly during their marriage, O’Donnell and Rounds reportedly worked out an amicable co-parenting relationship after their divorce.

Michelle’s mother also released a statement and seems to have implicitly verified that Rounds had taken her own life:

“If anyone would like to give to the National Suicide Prevention it would also be greatly appreciated,” wrote Michelle’s mother.

“There are so many out there in this world that have demons that they think suicide is the only way out.”

Michelle Rounds Image

Though O’Donnell and Rounds’ marriage was short, the couples’ dramatic fights and outspoken stances on topical issues briefly made Rounds a staple in the tabloid media.

As a result, many celebrities and media figures have taken to social media to mourn Michelle’s passing.

“Such a devastating loss. Sending so much strength and peace to her loved ones,” Perez Hilton tweeted, along with a link to an article about Rounds’ death.

Though she worked as a consultant for most of her adult life, Rounds easy charm and quick wit made her a popular figure in Rosie’s circle of celebrity friends.

In a bit of tragic irony, her death comes during Suicide Prevention Month.

Michelle Rounds and Rosie

Rounds is now the latest in a disturbingly long line of celebrity suicides.

The steadily-worsening epidemic dates back to Robin Williams’ unexpected passing in 2014.

Recent victims such as rock stars Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington have brought new attention to the issue.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from thoughts of self-harm, we urge you to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Please don’t delay.

Our thoughts go out to Rounds’ family during this tremendously difficult time.