Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff might seem distant from Jeremy and Audrey’s newborn, baby Ember Jean, these days.

She’s definitely in the thoughts of her other daughter-in-law, Tori Roloff, however. And so is Molly Roloff, Tori’s sister-in-law.

As you may remember, Amy and Molly share a birthday.

We don’t know everything that’s going on in their family right now, but Tori seems to be on good terms with everybody, because she offered up birthday wishes with zero awkwardness.

Like we said, we don’t know what’s up with Amy Roloff, her son Jeremy, or her daughter-in-law Audrey.

It might be nothing.

But while Amy Roloff is a proud grandmother to Jackson, her grandson — Tori’s baby — we haven’t actually seen her in any photos with her second grandchild.

After Ember Jean was born, Amy Roloff got slammed by haters for posting an Instagram ad instead of a photo with her newborn.

To be clear, Amy has absolutely posted about Ember’s birth:

“And my baby granddaughter is here. I’m so so excited and happy for Jeremy and Audrey. I’m a grandma again. Ember Jean is beautiful. What a blessing. My heart is full of joy!!”

But no pictures.

This has led some fans to wonder if Amy has met her granddaughter.

Like Audrey, Tori Roloff married into the Roloff family.

But Tori, at least, seems to have a very close bond with Amy.

Tori posted the above photo to her Instagram story as a tribute to Amy’s birthday – and she posted a matching shout-out to her sister-in-law, Molly, which we have for you below.

Tori gave birth to Amy’s first grandchild, a beautiful baby boy named Jackson.

There are tons of photos of Amy Roloff spending “grandma time” with Jackson.

She delights in spending time with her grandson, and clearly has a healthy bond with her daughter-in-law, Tori.

Tori also has a close, sisterly bond with her sister-in-law, Molly Roloff.

“Seester” is such a cute thing for people to call each other!

Actual siblings use it, in-laws use it, and sometimes just very close friends use the variant of “sister” as an affectionate label for each other for for their “seesterly” bond.

We can’t imagine that it’s easy for anyone when a mother and her daughter share a birthday.

Two presents to get (at least!). Two cards. Possibly two parties.

It was cute that Tori came up with matching birthday shoutouts for both of her in-laws.

We know that we talked about possibilities that Amy has some sort of “issues” with Jeremy or Audrey or both, or vice-versa.

But … let’s please keep an open mind rather than jumping to conclusions.

It’s absurd to suggest that Amy must be a heartless grandmother who only loves her grandson.

(Yes, some commenters have really assumed as much)

Instead, let’s think of something a little less interesting but also a lot more plausible:

Maybe Jeremy and Audrey are just trying to limit the number of photos of Ember Jean so early after her birth.

It could be something with Ember’s coloring not clearing up yet (sometimes babies even have a kind of acne!).

Or it could just be that they’re waiting for the right moment to spam us with a bunch of cute close-up photos.

Whatever the case, let’s not assume that there’s some sort of silent fight going on behind the scenes of Little People, Big World.

If there is … we’ll know sooner or later.