Tiger Woods has had a busy, busy year.

After his DUI arrest, Tiger claimed he wasn’t drunk but was in fact on pain pills. That’s … not better. He went to rehab for it as well as to court.

But he apparently had time during all of that to find a new girlfriend.

It was only back in August that Tiger Woods and Kristin Smith called it quits.

It hasn’t quite been two months since that news broke, but Tiger Woods is reportedly already dating his new girlfriend, Erica Herman.

Erica is the general manager of The Woods bar and grill, which is a “pop up” restaurant at the Genesis Open.

But she seems to be spending less time managing kitchen staff and more time strolling the green with Tiger.

They’ve even been spotted looking all kinds of cuddly.

But there’s more to it than the fact that they’ve walked side-by-side and even arm-by-arm that has people saying that Erica is Tiger’s new girlfriend.

Celebrity gossip website Radar Online reported that Erica was wearing a “player spouse” credential at the U.S. President’s Cup.

No, that doesn’t mean that she and Tiger got secretly married.

(At least, we assume that it did not)

It’s not uncommon for girlfriends to have them.

It would be unusual for someone who’s just a friend to be sporting one on the field.

Erica Herman also attended the Cup with other girlfriends and spouses, and partook in activities with them such as getting pictures taken with three former Presidents who were in attendance.

Erica is even said to have seemed close to Annie Verret, the longtime girlfriend of Jordan Spieth.

Tiger Woods has a history that includes a major cheating scandal.

Some argue that he is singlehandedly responsible for a shift in how the public views sleep aid medications like Ambien.

(Which, and we so seldom feel sorry for Big Pharma, seems kind of unfair to a drug that we’re sure most people use as directed.)

Tiger Woods and the scandal about him also got a lot of people talking about “sex addiction.”

Keep in mind that sex addiction isn’t officially recognized in the DSM and therefore isn’t generally considered credible, but there’s always a chance that it could become a real diagnosis one day.

Others suggest that kind of the whole point of becoming rich and famous is so that you can have a lot of sex with whomever you like, and that Tiger’s only mistake was trying to have a wife and family and have a bunch of girlfriends.

But, despite his mishap earlier this year, he really does seem like he’s trying to be better, now. Even if his reputation will never go back to what it used to be.

If you’re wondering how, after all of the stories of cheating in his background, Tiger Woods could land a new girlfriend.

He’s rich, famous, an accomplished athlete. Oh, and there’s the picture above. That’ll just about do it.

Maybe, since Tiger clearly didn’t mind being seen with Erica, we’ll have some concrete answers soon.

But, given his history, Tiger might be trying to avoid giving out too many details about his love life.

That’s kind of understandable.