Just over a week ago, we told you that Ami Brown’s second round of chemo was coming up. 

The Alaskan Bush People star’s family might be living large in a Beverly Hills mansion, but the Brown matriarch spends her time these days undergoing chemo and then recovering from those sessions.

Well, she’s undergoing chemotherapy treatments now, and we have some details on how she’s coping.

We know that chemotherapy is a brutal but vitally necessary treatment as Ami Brown fights against stage 4 lung cancer.

Rain Brown, the youngest member of the Brown family, took to Instagram and offered an update on her mother’s progress.

“My mom and I spent all morning making our favorite peach tea and our own mix of essential oils together.”

Though it’s a bad situation, it’s good that they still have mother-daughter time.

They use the essential oils as a homeopathic treatment — to aid comfort and recovery.

Rain lists the specific scents:

“(frankincense, eucalyptus, pink grapefruit, and spearmint) with coconut oil as a carrier and a touch of shimmer.”

A lot of those sound great.

Rain sounds like she has a very realistic grasp on her mother’s condition:

“She is now going though her second round of chemo, sadly I can’t say how she is doing just yet, but we are all hopeful and faithful.”

Sometimes “I don’t know” is the most honest, mature answer that you can give.

“Thank you all so much for your support and love in this harsh time. Stay strong my rainbows, God bless.”

Rain is such a sweetheart. We’re so glad that she’s there for her mother.

We know that being surrounded by (almost) her whole family — since they all live just minutes from the hospital — must be a great source of comfort for Ami.

Rain is maintaining a healthy perspective on life.

This is important, too. As we’ve mentioned, cancer patients do go through their ordeal alone. All of their loved ones are along for the ride.

And, at just 14 years of age, “Rainy” does not have the kind of life experience or coping mechanisms that some of her much older siblings do.

(No matter how bad your experiences as an adult may be, they would always be worse as a child)

Rain shared a quote on Instagram:

“What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be.”

Rain also added quite a few of her own words in the caption:

“Quotes aren’t about who said what when and what they meant when they said it they are about a few words put together in a way so beautiful it speaks to everyone differently.”

Rain regards quotes as a sort of inspirational poetry, then. If we’re reading this correctly.

“For me they were something I found myself drawn to and couldn’t find out why, they helped me through some of the darkest times in my life, and have lifted me up to great heights.”

Rain is at that age where she’s figuring out who she wants to be and also who she is.

Quotes can have a powerful impact and become a guiding force as you figure out what resonates with you — and what does not.

“People always mock them for being so small and stupid but knowing so much, meaning so much but just being something someone else said.”

We think that what Rain is trying to say here is that some people have a dismissive attitude towards quotes, but she finds meaning in them.

“Being a copycat if you will, but I find quotes are beautiful and hold all the secrets to life.”

And we think that, here, she’s asserting that using quotes isn’t being a copycat, it’s finding inspiration.

“Even the ones that are right in front of our eyes, quotes are like a magic that is always there but only makes sense when you need them to most.”

That’s true. Even a quote from a childhood cartoon — or a dream — can have meaning.

(I’ll always remember that famous dream that someone had where Obama said “Violence for violence is the rule of beasts”)

“So I guess you could say I’m a lot like a quote small and young but has a deeper understanding then even I could ever understand.”

It’s cute that she was able to connect how people are dismissive of quotes with how they sometimes underestimate her.

it’s sad, too.

And tough, being the baby of the family — especially such a large family.

Rain will pull through, though, even as she battles depression.

Right now, we wish that we had as much confidence in Ami Brown’s fragile health.