There’s something about The Voice Season 14 that feels so fresh as opposed to recent seasons of the NBC juggernaut. 

Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton working together has given the show new energy, and it’s reflecting very well on the screen. 

As we headed into the final night of the Battle Rounds, it was clear it was going to be a race to the finish for the final spots available on the teams. 

Let’s break down the final three (televised!) battles of the season. 

Team Adam: Jackie Verna vs. Stephanie Skipper – “These Dreams”

What do you get when you put two people who should never have made it past the auditions stage against one another? A fair battle. 

Yes, I’ve been critical of the way this show puts strong competitors against the weaker ones, but this was one of the best showcases of what a battle should be. 

It could be argued that Jackie was still battling nerves, but she’s going to need to adapt quickly if she dreams of making it much further into the competition. 

Both performances had shaky vocals, and there far more deserving people have been sent home due to that. 


Team Alicia: Terrence Cunningham vs. Livia Faith –  “Stars”

In the second fair battle of the night, Terrence and Livia each put their own spin on the above song, and it was excellent. They sounded so well together. 

We would not oppose to them releasing a duet because it sounded more like one instead of a battle for a recording contract. In any case, Alicia was the only judge with a steal left, meaning one of them was being sent home. 

Winner: Terrence

Team Blake: Spensha Baker vs. Dallas Caroline – “I Could Use a Love Song”

This was a frustrating battle because Alicia had one steal left, so it was obvious she was going to use it to her advantage. Spensha’s vocals were truly magnificent. 

Like, everything about it was like something you would hear from a seasoned artist. 

And then there was Dallas. Her portion was all over the shop, so it was frustrating that she was stolen by default from Alicia. 

Winner: Spensha

Steal: Dallas to Team Alicia


Team Adam: Drew Cole, Rayshun LaMarr, Mia Boostrom, Reid Umstattd, Gary Edwards, Jackie Verna, Jackie Foster, Jordyn Simone

Team Alicia: Britton Buchanan, Christiana Danielle, Kelsea Johnson, Johnny Bliss, Terrence Cunningham, Sharane Calister, Miya Base, Dallas Caroline

Team Kelly: Brynn Cartelli, D.R. King, Jorge Eduardo, Alexa Cappelli, Jamella, Justin Kilgore, Tish Haynes Keys, Kaleb Lee

Team Blake: Kyla Jade, Pryor Baird, Austin Giorgio, Spensha Baker, Wilkes, Jaron Strom, Dylan Hartigan, Jaclyn Lovey

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