Secrets do not stay buried in Riverdale. 

Betty, Chic, and Alice learned that the hard way on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17 when the car Dwayne was using showed up in the swamp, and well, it made things rather difficult for them. 

As you may recall if you watch Riverdale online, FP and Jughead helped them cover the whole thing up. Desperate for some help, Chic turned to a woman named Darla. 

But Darla only wanted money and did not care about how the Coopers got it. So, Betty was sent to the bank to collect $10,000 under the assumption that the villain would leave. 

However, Betty returned home to find the man she pepper sprayed several weeks ago, and they seemed intent on staying to cause some trouble for the Coopers. 

But Jughead and the Serpents had other ideas. They burst into the house and threatened them with violence if they did not take the money and make their way back to wherever the hell they came from. 

This gave Alice the nudge she needed to apologize for everything she said and did to the Serpents over the years. She admitted she was once a Serpent and that she would wear that with pride from that moment forward.

In a truly shocking twist, she admitted that it was time for Chic to leave the Cooper residence because he has brought trouble to the family twice now. 

Elsewhere, Toni enlisted the help of Veronica and Josie to try and find Cheryl because she knew there was something off about what happened to her. 

At Thistle House, Mama Blossom revealed that Cheryl was away to be “fixed” because she had an infatuation with Josie. Josie then learned that Cheryl was the one who sent the pig’s heart to her and she checked out of the operation. 

Nana Blossom then called the school to speak with Toni and revealed that Cheryl was closer than they thought and that she was with “the Sister.”

Indeed, Cheryl was in an asylum for conversion therapy, and Veronica and Toni broke in through a tunnel thanks to the help of Kevin. They managed to save Cheryl. 

Toni and Cheryl indulged in the biggest of smooches when they were reunited, but it looks like Cheryl is out for blood. 

Then there was Hiram who was shocked to learn that Papa Poutine’s friends were in town and wanted a significant stake in the prison deal. 

When Hiram declined, the other villains used violence as a tactic and Archie chased after the attacker to find it was the man who was posing as the secret agent. 

Archie rounded up his friends, and they helped get rid of the two men by blowing up their car and threatening them. 

In return, Hiram gifted Archie with a car that looked like it was ripped from Grease. Oh, yes. Riverdale sure loves references to the past. 

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