If you’re a Teen Mom OG fan, then by now, you’ve likely heard the news Amber Portwood is pregnant with her second child.

The news came just weeks after the world learned that Amber is dating Andrew Glennon, a reality TV producer she met on the set of Marriage Boot Camp – while she was still in a relationship with Matt Baier.

Now, Amber has given her most candid interview yet on the subject of her whirlwind romance and surprise pregnancy, and it seems she shares the opinion held by many fans that she probably should have taken things a bit slower.

Speaking with E! News, Amber opened up in one of the most candid interviews of her career.

“His name is James Andrew Glennon,” Portwood said of her forthcoming bundle of joy.

She cited his due date as “one day before my birthday,” which would make it May 13.

Amber says she’s incredibly excited about her future with her new family … but she admits she and Andrew may have moved a bit too fast.

“The best thing that came out of [the show was] meeting Andrew,” she said of her experience on Marriage Boot Camp.

“He makes me the happiest.”

Asked about the possibility that she and Glennon might get married after the baby arrives, however, Amber is quick to slam on the brakes.

“We’re not talking about that,” she tells the outlet.

“Right now, we’re happily living together and seeing where everything goes.”

She then concedes that it’s a bit late to think about taking things slowly.

“Obviously, we jumped the gun and we’re having a baby, but I don’t know,” Portwood says.

“He drops little hints here and there about things, but we haven’t necessarily talked about it.”

In other words, Glennon badly wants to get married (dude did quit his job in LA to move to Indiana, after all) but Amber is a bit more hesitant.

We guess we can’t blame her after her disastrous engagement to Matt Baier, but like it or not, she’s tied to Andrew for life at this point anyway.

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