On Thursday, April 12, Khloe Kardashian gave birth to her baby girl. It’s wonderful news in some … complicated circumstances.

Baby sister Kylie had her hands full with her own baby, so she couldn’t witness the birth in person.

But that hasn’t stopped her from giving her big sis a shout-out, despite the chaos.

Although initially it looked like Kylie Jenner would just keep posting but pics despite Khloe’s cheating drama and news that she’d gone into labor, it’s clear that Kylie loves Khloe.

(Of course she does — even at the time, we pointed out that the two of them have always been especially close, despite their age difference)

Kylie obviously couldn’t fly out to see Khloe because she’s a first time mother with a two-month-old baby of her own.

But that does not mean that she doesn’t care.

Kylie has now taken to social media to congratulate Khloe.

Kylie Kongratulates Khloe

Sorry, make that Kongratulate Khloe.

It’s worth noting that this is just the public message.

Do you ever forget to post “happy birthday!” to a significant other or a close friend on social media because you’ve been too busy celebrating their birthday with them, in real life?

It’s important to remember that celebrities can do the same thing.

The social media shout-out is often an afterthought for people who are truly close with each other.

So when you see a celebrity like Kylie posting selfies instead of talking about her sister’s life event, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s heartless. She just … didn’t think to post publicly yet.

Poor Khloe.

(Yes, unlike Wendy Williams, we do feel sorry for her)

Having her first child, at last, is wonderful news.

But there’s a cloud over this happy occasion, and it’s in the shape of a tall, handsome man whose penis has an adventurous spirit.

Just two days before this sweet little girl was born, Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe.

Multiple photos and videos surfaced, from different months, showing different women.

All during Khloe’s pregnancy.

Remember when Kylie’s pregnancy and circumstances was the scandalous situation?

Kylie was only 19 when she got pregnant, and she’d been dating Travis Scott for maybe a month.

But since the birth of precious little Stormi Webster, we’ve learned that Travis was there for every appointment, every ultrasound.

And he and Kylie take Stormi on walks in her stroller together and seem to be living as a family, despite his career.

In the mean time, Khloe and Tristan seemed like a solid, age-appropriate couple.

Only now, Khloe’s reportedly moving back to California and it’s not even clear if Travis will be part of her life.

There have been reports that Khloe totally forgives Tristan for cheating, but nothing close to confirmation.

Three different news sources came up with three different videos. Tristan seeming to make out with a woman in a bar. Tristan fooling around with two women in a hookah lounge. Tristan taking a woman back to his room.

That’s a lot of evidence, and there might not be enough denial in the world for Khloe to overlook that.

Considering that one woman has come forward and claimed that Tristan impregnated her, these videos may just be the tip of the cheating iceberg.

Khloe deserves better, and we hope that she finds the peace and happiness that she had believed was hers already.

Like Kylie, we congratulate her on the birth of her daughter.