Fans have watched in horror as Kim Kardashian defends Kanye, but she’s not the only one who seems to be standing by her man despite overwhelming public opinion.

Despite sources insisting that Khloe is not in denial about Tristan Thompson’s cheating, they still seem

A new report explains why Khloe hasn’t given up on their relationship.

In the wake of Tristan Thompson being caught cheating, reportedly with at least five different women, fans have been urging Khloe to leave his ass.

E! reports on why Khloe hasn’t kicked Tristan to the curb. Yet.

“She has one foot out the door but is also holding on to the fact that her and Tristan can make it work.”

Can they make it work? Probably. But should they? Some would ask why Khloe would even want to. Why she would even consider wanting to.

“She hasn’t given up on him yet, but also hasn’t really been focusing on their relationship.”

Well, that makes sense. She’s adjusting to being a new mom.

“When they see each other, it is all about the baby and parenting together.”

The source makes a claim that those hoping for Khloe to make good choices will find deeply chilling.

“Khloe has fallen in love with him all over again, watching him be a dad to True.”

That sounds like some truly bonkers hormones talking. Khloe can be more level-headed than that.

“But [she also] knows she needs to really take a step back and make the right decision.”

A great way to take a step back would be to head back to Calabasas and be surrounded by people who don’t humiliate her the day before she goes into labor.

“Khloe thinks it’s great they have been having a bit of space right now.”

So, right now things are in limbo because Khloe and True aren’t cleared to fly. So it seems like she’s just putting off making a decision.

“But she is worried about their future.”

As for her future?

“She hasn’t figured it out yet.”

Khloe may be undecided, but it doesn’t sound like any of her other loved ones are.

“Everyone close to her thinks she needs to split from Tristan and has told her she can do this on her own.”

While most people struggle with being a single parent, Khloe’s resources are basically infinite, and she has a massive family support network.

That said, her loved ones acknowledge that “it’s her life” and she can throw it away by forgiving a man who will definitely cheat on her again if she wants to.

“Khloe needs to do what’s right for their baby.”

Apparently, Khloe “isn’t focusing” on the cheating scandal at the moment.

Well, yeah. Again, she’s a new mom.

Khloe is apparently “is trying to move forward.”

When you’re trying to move forward from a car wreck, you first need to exit the vehicle. That often applies to relationship disasters, too.

Still, Khloe is said to be “quite devastated.”

But she’s keeping occupied.

“Khloe has been focused on bonding with her baby, but also really misses her family.”

It turns out that raising a new baby in Cleveland isn’t all that Khloe had thought that it would be.

“She is very understanding that everyone has their own lives and is super busy, but she is starting to get lonely and wants to get back to her home in L.A.”

Which her family is of course eager for her to do.

“Khloe already has everything for True set up in L.A.; it’s just a matter of when she is going to make the move that she is still deciding on.”

That is a relief to hear. For Khloe’s fans, and for her momager.

The source says that Kris “has been counting the days until she gets back.”

Khloe has been keeping everyone updated.

“The whole family is in a group text and they are so excited every time Khloe shares a photo of True.”


The source insists that everyone is “very happy” for Khloe.

For her new baby, True. It sounds like they’re lukewarm at best to the Tristan situation.

They’re looking forward to Khloe bringing True to L.A. where many of them feel that she belongs.

“Everyone can be together, making new memories.”