While even Kanye is calling out Tristan Thompson for his cheating scandal, Khloe has been doing her best to ignore it.

Unfortunately, one of Tristan’s “ex” side chicks apparently sent him a message. Recently.

And Khloe was absolutely enraged.

If you pretend like your relationship problems never happened, they just go away and never come back … right?

That seems to be Khloe’s response to Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal, at any rate.

HollywoodLife reports that Lani Blair texted Tristan, sending Khloe into a rage.

“Khloe became furious when she found out that Lani had reached out to Tristan with a simple text message wishing him good luck in the finals.”

Tristan, like so many of the men in Khloe’s disastrous romantic entanglements, is a professional athlete. He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Khloe and Tristan have been working on their trust issues.”

Yep. Khloe apparently believes that the man who cheated on her with multiple women while she was pregnant can be redeemed.

“So he thought it would be best to let her know that Lani had hit him up and that he did not respond.”

That sounds very honest of him.

Apparently, it didn’t go so well.

“Khloe has little trust in Tristan.”

That is very understandable and, quite frankly, a relief to fans who worried that Khloe had lost her mind.

“So knowing that Lani continues to text him was a real punch in the gut.”

Knowing that your baby daddy used to slip it to a model and bartender on the side while you were cultivating his child in your womb is one thing.

Hearing that she had the audacity to send him a text message … that’s something else.

It’s hard to be in denial about cheating when the guy is still getting messages from his mistress.

Apparently, the whole incident left Khloe feeling rattled and confused.

“Khloe believed Tristan when he promised he would be loyal and faithful after getting caught cheating.”

We have no idea how he convinced her, since he wasn’t the first time.

“But now she doesn’t know what to think.”

We’d point out that Tristan was honest in this story. That should count for something.

But it sounds like Khloe just hated to be reminded of something that she’d rather forget.

“She is shocked Lani is still lingering and can’t wait for the season to be over.”

This season of Tristan’s sport, which is basketball.

We can’t confirm that any of that took place, but the report is intriguing.

But Lani is definitely still out there, and her pics are still getting hate from Khloe fans.

One commented on Instagram.

“You really think people are about to mind their own business while you out in public with a NBA player who’s dating a Kardashian?! You’re a stripper you should be used to people being all up in your business and then some.”

That commenter then accuses Lani of being a homewrecker, which has always been a stupid term. Except for, like, arsonists.

Lani clapped back, hard.

“First of all I️m not a stripper. I️’m a bartender.”

Good correction.

“Second you are another one writing me essays about s–t you know nothing about. If you were busy taking care of yourself you wouldn’t have time to be writing me and reading my comments waiting to pounce.”

That sounds reasonable.

“I’d never fix my fingers to write about anyone else’s life. You should reflect on this very low point in your life.”

The affair between Tristan Thompson and Lani Blair was wrong, but the report about Khloe’s reaction to the call makes it sound like Khloe is blaming Tristan’s side pieces for his actions.

Tristan is a grown man.

And we can only guess at what he may have told Lani, but her clapback seems to hint that Tristan may have told her things — true or false — about his relationship with Khloe.

It’s shameful that so many in society are willing to blame “the other woman” instead of the cheater.

It sounds like Khloe has a lot of processing to do. We hope that spending time with her family, who love and support her, will help her to do that.