For Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, first came love.

Then, just a few weeks ago, came a gorgeous and wildly anticipated marriage.

Now, based on a semi-reliable tabloid report, comes TWO babies in TWO baby carriages.*

(*Or maybe one of those double baby carries that has one set of wheels, yet two spots into which you can place your kids. You know the kind we’re parenthetically talking about here, right?)

Oh, yes, readers: Markle is pregnant with twins!!!!!

If the National Enquirer is to be believed, that is.

The latest issue of this questionable publication features a headline that screams “Meghan & Harry Having Twins!”

It includes with it a few bullet points that aim to drive this rumor home, specifically:

  • Secret visit to the fertility clinic!
  • Who the newlyweds told first!
  • Why the Queen is horrified!

Flip open this cover and the affiliated story states that Harry and his lovely new bride are “already telling pals that she’s pregnant – with twins,” seemingly confirming the claim via an anonymous quote that reads as follows:

“They won’t announce for some time, or until the end of the first trimester, as is the American custom.”

(For the record, we must ask: Is this custom really American? It’s just based on the medical fact that a miscarriage becomes less likely after a woman is 12 weeks along.)

This, of course, is not the first time a newspaper or magazine has alleged that Markle is pregnant.

Now that she and Harry are married and Prince William and Kate Middleton have welcomed their third child, Royal Family fans are anxious for the next thing about which they can be excited.

And apparently Pippa Middleton’s pregnancy just isn’t cutting it.

So anyway: Is this report true?

Is Markle actually expecting?!?

A “well-placed palace mole” inside Kensington Palace tells the Enquirer than Markle had been “secretly [visiting] fertility docs months before” the royal wedding.

She also consulted with a nutritionist and put Prince Harry on “cleansing supplements and vitamins” to make sure a baby could be made when the couple had unproteced sex.

It’s unclear how the inside knows all of this.

What is clear, however, is that the photo the Enquirer uses above, which is claims depicts Markle’s baby bump, was snapped in 2014.


Therefore, we find it very difficult to believe that a Royal Baby is due any time soon.

This said, we’d be surprised if Markle and Harry don’t get pregnant at some point in the next year or so.

They may even be trying as we speak, considering the recent report that claimed these newlyweds are already engaged in very hot baby-making sex.

We should probably leave them to it then, huh?

Good luck, you two! We hope you’re having a blast while trying!