Just call her… Dame Amy Roloff.

Okay, maybe not.

But Amy Roloff really did go ahead and get herself knighted over the weekend.

How cool is that?!?

The Little People, Big World star shared this unexpected and very exciting news on Instagram along with the photo above and the photo below.

The one above, of course, features Amy and long-time boyfriend Chris Marek.

The one below gives us a glimpse of Roloff receiving this honor, which she explained via caption as follows:

I was so excited and appreciative to be Knighted as an Honorary Rosarian in Portland, along with others, on Friday. It is rich in tradition and history and part of the Portland Rose Festival.

I was happy Chris was there supporting me and Lisa too. A wonderful time.

We did some research on this distinction and this is what it says on the official Portland Rose Festival website about what Roloff is citing in this post:

Since the Royal Rosarians were formed in 1912, dignitaries and persons of accomplishment from around the world have been bestowed Honorary Knighthood in an annual ceremony.

The Mythical Realm of Rosaria Honorary Knighting Ceremony is filled with pageantry dating back more than a century.

Candidates for knighthood are honored as they kneel before the Reigning Rose Festival Queen.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Of course, this is not what every Instagram follow thought or wrote in response.

“Why doesn’t Chris just smile? omg. I feels that he doesn’t love Amy,” one critic actually said in Amy’s comments section, continuing with the mysterious theme of hating Chris and Amy for some reason.


Amy herself has been the subject of mockery, disdain and ridicule for about a year now, with many followers thinking she somehow screwed over ex-husband Matt Roloff.

It’s really not clear why this is the case.

Matt and Amy divorced two years ago.

And Matt is actually the one who moved on with Caryn Chandler in somewhat controversial fashion, considering she worked as the Roloff family farm manager and knows Amy pretty well.

But still.

Amy still receives comments such as the one below:

“Whole Matt is spending Sunday with the kids. Wake up, Amy, family first.”


Ummm…. Matt and Amy’s four kids are all grown up.

This person is trying to shade Amy by telling her she’s a bad mother because she spent an afternoon with her boyfriend while her ex-husband at a meal with his quartet of adult children.

What the heck is the matter with people?!?!?!?!?!?!?

We’d say we feel sorry for Amy due to all the hate she gets, but we’re pretty sure she doesn’t want our sympathy.

She’s doing just fine and dandy, thank you very much!

As the caption to a previous image she shared on social media recently, Amy wrote:

Friends… gather… a meal around a table and sharing… music… life is good.

Indeed, it is — and it should be for Roloff.

Keep ignoring the haters, Amy. They’re just jealous and bitter over their own lot in life.

You just keep doing you.